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Outdoor Group lessons will begin on Monday, June 3, 2024. Group lessons will consist of 8 lessons per session. Group lessons will last 35 minutes with an additional 10 minutes of supervised practice time. The classes will be taught by an experienced, certified instructor and there will be no more than 5 children per instructor. The child will stay active the entire class with plenty of structured time in the water. Pre-Registration is required. No registration will be accepted after the Thursday prior to class session. No refunds are honored unless canceled one week prior to session date. The group rate is $130.00 per person. A 20% discount will be granted on additional members from the same household registering at the same time. Make-up classes for inclement weather or circumstances beyond control will be made up at the end of each session. If your child is ill/Sick 3 or more days with a Doctors Excuse, we will make up their lesson. The times below are for group lessons. Private and Semi-Private lessons can be tailored to the participants schedule as far as dates and times. for Private and Semi Private lessons please click here
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To register complete this registration form. Participants can range from 6 months old to children ages 3 through adults. Children younger than three will require private lessons with the parents in the water. Private and Semi-Private lessons are also offered. A minimum of six (6) classes is required to take private or semi-private lessons. No one person learns at the same rate. Each person will be taught the skills at their own pace. NOTE: If there are not 5 students registered for each group class time, the classes will be converted to three 45 minute lessons or consolidated with various skill levels. There is a maximum of 5 students per class. Children are taught at their own level when training with the instructor. I understand that neither failure to provide information or seek a medical assessment if necessary may result in risk of injury neither Advanced Aquatics nor facility nor its employees could have foreseen. I am aware that there may be health risks in undertaking activities required in these classes and that in performing these activities I assume some risk.
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