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Outdoor lessons will begin on Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Private Lessons are 1:1 ratio (one instructor and one participant). The cost for a private session is $300.00 ($50.00 each lesson for a total of 6-45 minute lessons). These lessons are taylored more to your availablity. 
Semi- Private Lessons are 2-3:1 ratio (2-3 participants to one instructor). The participants must register at the same time. The participants are not paired together on our end. The cost of Semi Private lessons are $210.00 each participant. 
Shrimps Private classes (Parent & Tot) for ages 2-3 years, which will consist of six 30 minute lessons are typically  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 2 weeks. The classes will be taught by an experienced, certified instructor. The child will stay active the entire class with plenty of structured time in the water. Pre-Registration is required. No registration will be accepted after the Thursday prior to class session. No refunds are honored unless canceled one week prior to session date. 

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To register complete this registration form. Participants can range from 6 months old to children ages 3 through adults. Children younger than three will require private parent/tot classes. Private and Semi-Private lessons are also offered. I understand that neither failure to provide information or seek a medical assessment if necessary may result in risk of injury neither Advanced Aquatics nor facility nor its employees could have foreseen. I am aware that there may be health risks in undertaking activities required in these classes and that in performing these activities I assume some risk.
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