Jesus' Helping Hand Relief Fund

*This form is for Dallas 1 Corporation employees only.
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Relief Fund Guidelines:

-Prior to employee receiving a grant from the JHH fund, they will be required to attend a minimum of 1 financial counselling session in-house or with a qualified accountant, money manager, or complete an online course such as or Dave Ramsey.


-The JHH Committee will communicate the approval or denial to the employee through the Chief Ministry Officer within 1 week of their request.

-If employment with Dallas 1 Construction has been 90 days or less, a maximum of $300.00 will be granted regardless of what the employee is requesting. The committee can override the amount with a unanimous affirmative vote.


-An employee may only receive two grants from the JHH Committee in a 12-month rolling period.


-An employee who is not paying into the JHH fund may receive one JHH grant. The employee must be in compliance with all other JHH guidelines. After that, the employee must be contributing to the JHH grant fund before they can receive any further grant money. No minimum amount will be required from any employee.


For employees needing grant money for travel to a funeral service of a close family member (as defined by the bereavement policy in the Employment Agreement Policy), including spouse’s family, the committee has determined by a vote, a grant may be given at the discretion of the Chief Ministry Officer. Not to exceed $200.00.