2019 YLC Wednesday at the Square: Non-Profit Showcase Application

Dates: March 20th, 27th
April 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd
Concert Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Rain Dates: May 29th, June 5th, 12th

General Information

Event Description

YLC Wednesday at the Square is proud to host a Non-Profit Showcase at its concerts each week to highlight the many ways that non-profit organizations in our community have a positive impact on the lives of New Orleanians. The following document outlines the rules and conditions for participation in the exhibit area.

YLC Wednesday at the Square attracts an audience of downtown administrative to management level professionals, middle to upper income, aged 25-55 years. It also draws music lovers from as far away as the Northshore, Mississippi, and the River Parishes. 

Application Requirements

Because YLC is a non-partisan, non-political, and non-religious organization, we ask that non-profit organizations participating in YLC Wednesday at the Square also fit these criteria. 

YLC selects participants at our sole discretion. There is a limit of one non-profit organization per concert to be featured in the showcase. When these spaces are filled we will not make additional space. Space may not be reserved until this signed agreement and your organization's IRS Determination Letter have been received. 

If your organization would like to participate, complete and submit the following form no later than January 11, 2019. Applications received after this date will not be considered. YLC will notify selected organizations after the selection process is complete.

Questions? Contact Liz Waller, Events and Sponsorship Manager at liz@ylcnola.org

Date Selection

Please indicate your organization's preferred date(s) to participate in the Non-Profit Showcase at YLC Wednesday at the Square. Your organization will be assigned only one date to present. YLC will make every effort to accommodate your preferences but cannot guarantee that one of your desired dates will be available.

Organization Information

Marketing and Publicity Information

Throughout the 10-week concert series, the Young Leadership Council will highlight Non-Profit Showcase participants through social media and other communications. Please complete the information below to aid us in these efforts.

Items Provided By YLC

The Young Leadership Council will provide:

1. A reserved space in the Non-Profit Showcase Exhibit Area for one concert date assigned by YLC.
2. One 6' table and two chairs for your reserved space.

YLC does not offer on-site electricity. Organizations will be responsible for providing their own battery power if electricity is desired. 

Non-Profit Agreement

Non-Profit Exhibitor agrees to:
1. Provide staffing at your table at all times from 4:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Any organization that fails to be set up by 5:00 p.m. or staff its table until 8:00 p.m. will forfeit the opportunity to exhibit in future years. YLC also reserves the right to remove the table from the Square if unstaffed by 5:30PM
2. Execute the Hold harmless agreement included in this application and attach a printed, signed, and scanned copy to this application. (This Hold Harmless agreement acknowledges that Young Leadership Council is not responsible for damages to or theft of your property at the concert site).
3. Acknowledge the Parking/Vehicle Agreement included in this application
4. Be compliant with all City of New Orleans permitting requirements for participating in special events. Special Event Permits can be obtained through the City of New Orleans One Stop Application process.
5. YLC reserves the right to remove any exhibitor from participation in the 2019 concert series for any breach of the above provisions and/or at its sole discretion.

Non-Profit Exhibitor agrees to the following guidelines regarding the below optional items:

1. Provide a tent. If the tent does not meet the below standards, then we will ask you to remove the tent from Lafayette Square immediately:

        a. All tents must be no larger than 10 feet by 10 feet.

        b. Each tent must be a free-standing canopy tent made from fire-retardant material, with documentation to prove such is the case. A member of the New Orleans Fire Department will be on hand to inspect all tents and supporting documentation. 

        c. The four legs of each tent must be weighed down by weights attached by either a bungee cord or a durable rope. No staking of tents is allowed anywhere on Lafayette Square. This is a regulation of Parks and Parkways and Lafayette Square Conservancy.

2. Provide a banner to hang from the tent or table.

         a. Banners cannot be larger than 3 feet by 10 feet.

3. No zip ties are allowed by Parks and Parkways and Lafayette Square Conservancy

4. Provide informational materials from your tent

5. Mass distribution of flyers is NOT permitted: this is a regulation of Parks and Parkways and Lafayette Square Conservancy

6. You may also have signup sheets for upcoming events or for more information about your organization, as well as “goodies” (e.g. candy, stickers, etc. as long as your items are not hard plastic, which is not allowed in the park).

2019 Parking / Vehicle Agreement

Due to limited parking around the Lafayette Square, participating Non-Profit Showcase Participants agree to park legally and in no bagged (closed) metered space. Clearly marked loading zones will be available for set up unloading during approved times provided by the YLC prior to the beginning of the concert series. All set up unloading must be completed during the approved times and vehicles must be thereafter moved from the area. 

ANY EXHIBITOR'S CAR FOUND PARKED ILLEGALLY AROUND THE SQUARE IS SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE TOWING. THE EXHIBITOR IS THEN SUBJECT TO REMOVAL FROM THE SERIES FOR THE DURATION OF THE 2019 SERIES AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE YLC. Please also note, absolutely no motorized vehicles are allowed on Lafayette Square Park grounds. Any Vendor found driving on the square is subject to being removed for the duration of the 2019 series at the sole discretion of the YLC. 

Required Documentation

YLC Wednesday at the Square requires exhibitors to confirm their organization's non-profit status by including a copy of their IRS Determination Letter, below.

YLC Wednesday at the Square requires exhibitors to sign a hold harmless agreement. Please print and attach a signed copy of the agreement below.

Confirmation of Nonprofit Exhibitor Agreement

I understand and agree to all details above in the 2019 Non-Profit Agreement and Application for the YLC Wednesday at the Square Concert Series. 
Representative's Signature *