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Personal Chef - Full plated meal once a week for four people

  • Every week we will assemble a full three course meal for four people. The chef will come into your kitchen, complete preparations and plate the meal for immediate consumption.
  • Once your meal has been plated our chef will clean up their mess and they leave. We are not responsible to clean client’s dishes, load dishwasher, etc.
  • We use our client’s dishes for all courses, clients will be responsible to serve, clear and clean their dishes
  • Please note that we will be servicing multiple families in the same evening and we on a tight schedule.
  • If families are unable to eat at their scheduled service time we will plate the food and store properly for later consumption. However, we cannot guarantee its quality when we do this. Our food is the best when it is served immediately.
  • If you prefer a drop off to your home or want to pick up prepared items, we can accommodate your request. But note, our style of cookery is meant to be enjoyed immediately, and some foods do not hold or reheat well.

Subscription Updates


Meal Plan Program

Weekly In-Home Service -- Three courses for 4 people

Take and Bake - Reheat meals for four people delivered once a week

  • Each week we will provide re-heatable, two course meals for four. For example, one meal could be a salad and lasagna and the other a homemade soup and a quick skillet meal.
  • We will include easy heating directions with all our meals.
    • This option will include casseroles, they are a great easy way to cover all of the food groups without a lot of work for the client.
Reheat meals for four people delivered once a week

Add on programs

Sides - Four sides & one bread item for four people once a week

Items can be picked up or delivered once a week
  • One re-heatable vegetable dish with directions
  • Two cold side salads
  • One green salad
  • Rolls or bread
Sides and Breads for four

Snacks - Five Snacks Items (Savory and Sweet) for four people

Items can be picked up or delivered once a week
  • Two full snacks (dips and dippers) - for example homemade dip and crackers and vegetables and hummus
  • One dozen sweet treats
Snacks for four

Baked Goods - Four Baked Items for four people

  • One loaf of bread or dozen rolls
  • One sweet baked dessert – for example sheet cake
  • One sweet baked breakfast item
  • One dozen cookies
Baked Items for four

Breakfast - Four Breakfast items for four people

  • One savory breakfast item
  • One sweet baked breakfast item
  • One fruit or fruit smoothie kit
  • One quick on-the-go item such as – for example energy bites or a microwavable breakfast wrap
Breakfast Items for four



  • One two course reheat meal for four
  • One cold side
  • One hot side
  • One seasonal item - Examples: snack or appetizer, baked item, breakfast casserole, etc.
Combo Items for four

Notes and Info

  • This is a monthly subscription service, charged and serviced weekly. Menus will be chef’s choice and will not be sent out in advance.  Think of this as a culinary adventure, we will consider preferences, but you may find a new favorite you haven’t tried before.  Click here to a sample menu
  • Allergies and preferences
    • This program is customizable within reason. We will attempt to accommodate all allergies.  If we are unable to accommodate your allergies, we will let you know in advance.
    • Gluten allergies -- currently baked items will not be available gluten free. We are hoping to add this service soon!
    • We will do our best to accommodate specific preferences, but this service is not suggested for picky eaters. We can provide a more customized menu for these instances at additional cost.
  • After initial request it may take up to 10 days for service to be added or amended.
    • Clients may request a 1 week ‘pause’ if they will be unable to enjoy our services due to travel or schedules. The service will continue as scheduled the following week.
Please tell us about any allergies or dietary preference information *

Credit Card Information

Current Estimated MONTHLY Total: Please note there will be an additional $5 per address weekly delivery fee for weekly delivery orders totaling less than $100. Services will be charged each WEEKLY but signing up commits you to a one month agreement. Discount: We will give a 10 % discount if you signup for any two services. You will receive 15% off if you subscribe to the personal chef and any of the other options.
Please note completing this form does not confirm your subscription or automaticall charge your credit card.  On reciept of the completed form we will contact you to confirm service details prior to charging your credit card.
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