Private Music, Cannabis and Lifestyle Festival, Camping Packages and More... REGISTER for BudFest 2019!

Budfest Eugene is a community of cannabis advocates, industry, educators, enthusiasts and healers dedicated to the de-stigmatization and positive, healthful benefits of the plant.  


Join the Community!  

Access and participate in Budfest Community Member forums, festivals and events and gatherings.

Directly participate in change! Be a voice and join in celebrating the freedoms we enjoy and expect in Oregon.


Membership options:

  •  $35 - Member, event access and participation in select 2019 / 2020 Budfest Community events, includng Budfest Eugene 2019!
  •  $85  - Member, Budfest Eugene 2019 with camping pass, event access and participation in select 2019 / 2020 Budfest Community events.
  •  $50 - Camp Budfest Site (camping add-on for exiting pre-registered, pre-paid Budfest Community  members) parking additional.


Important notes about Budfest Eugene and Camp Budfest parking... 


Parking at Budfest Eugene festival (24580 Suttle Rd, Veneta, OR 97487) is free during festival hours however parking at Camp Budfest (4254 Suttle Rd, Veneta, OR 97487) is limited.

$20 per-vehicle fee for parking at Camp Budfest on arrival.  

Ride-sharing is encouraged.


NOTE: All registered Camp Budfest camper vehicles must arrive and be parked at their designated Camp Budfest site by 8:30pm on Friday June 21 and Saturday June 22 (the day of the festival), there is no non-emergency in/out accessability for Camp Budfest camper vehicles between 8:30pm and 8:30am daily.


All campers MUST be actively registered 2019-2020 Budfest Community Members.

Note: membership payments can be made by credit or debit card without being a Paypal Account User
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