2018 Beats n BBQ Cook-Off Registration

  1. A $40 entry fee is required for each BBQ category:
    1. Burgers (beef, bison, game, veggie or vegan -get creative!)
    2. Chicken
    3. Pork
    4. Beef
    5. Ribs (pork or beef)
  2. Multiple category entries permitted.
  3. Entrants for non-burger categories must be 18 or older.
  4. Burger category is open to teens 13 and up if escorted by responsible adult.
  5. Entrants must deliver five (5) judging portions for each category entered.
  6. Contestants must be self-contained with grill, any necessary tables, chairs, and optionally, a 10x10 or smaller canopy as prep area if desired. Beats n BBQ is a "rain or shine" event.
  7. Handwashing station will be provided. Electric power is not provided or available. Portable generators are allowed for electric smokers or lighting (at dusk, etc.)
  8. Event check-in starts at 8am on Sept 30, 2018. Grills and smokers can be started after check-in, load-in and set up.
  9. Grills must be gas or charcoal. Chips or "handfull" sized chunks of smokewood may be used as additive to charcoal.  No open log fires or log fire pits allowed. Home or commercially-acceptable smokers or pellet smoker grills may be used as long as they can be safely operated within a 10'x10' area and you are self-powered.
  10. All contestants must provide a fire extinguisher and maintain its presence in their cooking area at all times.
  11. The head cook must have his/her entries at the judging area on time. Five (5) sealed serving containers will be provided for each competitor category being judged.  A scorecard will tell you what you will be judged on at sign-in.
  12. Three (3) ounce samples or smaller of your entry food may be optionally provided to the public in goodwill.
  13. Contestants may not sell food, beverages or merchandise of any kind.
  14. Turn-in times are as follows:
    1. Burgers (beef, bison, game, veggie or vegan) 2:30 pm
    2. Chicken 3:00 pm
    3. Pork 3:30 pm
    4. Beef 4:00 pm
    5. Ribs (pork or beef) 4:30 pm
  15. Parents must supervise minors who are cooking or assisting cooking at all times for their safety.
  16. Pre-prep (pre-marinating, brining, etc.,) seasoning, rubs and/or sauces are optional and allowed.
  17. "Ribs" category entries can be beef or pork.
  18. Meat must be maintained at 40 degrees or lower prior to cooking.
  19. Contest workspaces will be observed (the cook must operate within Lane County, Oregon standards when handling food to the degree legally, morally and civically appropriate for private, not-for-sale consumption of contest-entry food.)
  20. Chicken and pork entries must be thoroughly cooked. 
  21. Judges reserve the right the refuse to sample (disqualify) any food entry appearing to be too raw or unsafe for consumption.
  22. Winners will be named for first place and “runner up” in all categories.
  23. One “Best In Show” winner and prize will be awarded.
  24. Judging will be via a blind taste system. Judges will not know whose entries they are tasting.
  25. Each team is responsible for clean-up of their space after the event (participant conduct will affect 2019 contest eligibility)
  26. Judges’ decisions are final.
  27. Beats n BBQ cook-off competition prizes awarded at 5:30 pm on Sept 30th. You must be present to win.
    1. 1st place category winners will each receive $100.
    2. "Best In Show" winner will receive a custom Ninkasi Brewing "functional art" Fire/cook pit valued at $400.
    3. Bragging Rights-2018 winners will be listed at BeatsnBBQ.com as reigning champions for one year!
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