Thank you for choosing to be part of our community at Ocean Reef. Where we are committed to protecting and serving Ocean Reef Unique way of Life. If you received a citation, it would mean you were in violation of one of OCRA’s rules on the reef. Citation payments must be paid within 30 days of receiving a citation to prevent affecting one’s access or company’s access to Ocean Reef. In the event you want to dispute a citation please use our Citation Review Request form.  Note: The time frame to process a Review Request can take up to 7-10 Business days, so give yourself enough time to dispute your citation without affecting you or your company’s access onto Ocean Reef. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, or our practices with regards to paying your citation, please contact us at our Welcome Center. Our Business hours are Mon - Fri 7 am -4 pm Est, and the phone number is (305) 367-4418.

To process your citation, the following information is required:

Note: All transactions are non-refundable and thank you for being a part of the Ocean Reef Community!