Member Photos to Appear in the
2021 ORCA Telephone Directory

You will again have the option to have your photograph included in the ORCA Telephone Directory. Below, please select one of the five options to choose from.


1. Only photos from the chest up will be accepted. No hat/visors or sunglasses please. 

2. Email your option number, full name, and Ocean Reef primary physical address to 

3. Or return the completed form in the enclosed envelope. 

4. Photos must be sent to Physical photos are not acceptable. 

Option 1: Use the Photo I Used in Last Year’s Directory

If you want to use the same picture that was in last year’s directory, no response is necessary.


1. No response is necessary

Option 2: Use Current Membership Photo

Please use my current membership photo.  This is the same photo on your Ocean Reef Club Membership Card.  ORCA will use the membership photo on file at the time of processing your form.
Option 2:

Option 3: Individual Photos

You may choose to submit an individual photo vs. using your Ocean Reef Club membership photo. 
Option 3:

Option 4: Couples Photos

Option 4:

Option 5: Do Not Include my Photo

Option 5: