There is a $49.00 processing fee for a new ID card or a $39.00 fee for a renewal, and an additional $20 fee for an out of state license associated with this application. You will be required to pay via credit card the fee and agree to the terms at the bottom of this form. All transactions are final and non-refundable. Your card and decal will take 24-48 hours to be processed.




A criminal history background is conducted for every person requesting access to the Ocean Reef Community. If you have a criminal history, you must divulge such information prior to the criminal history process; outlining the specific charges as the bottom of this form. If for any reason the requestor omits charges that are found during the criminal history background, the applicant forfeits his/her rights of entry for misrepresentation. Self-reported charges may be taken into consideration for entry based upon rules of the Association.
Self-reported Charges and Arrests to include (felony, misdemeanor, or traffic): (County & State)
By typing my name in the signature box below, I attest all is true and all charges against me have been noted on this form, further realizing that any incorrect information or omissions shall result in a denial of entry. I also recognize that I must immediately report any charges that I may face after the date of this document, not immediately reporting such charges will result in revocation of entry rights to Ocean Reef. 


The Employer/Company, by and through its undersigned authorized agent, indemnifies the Ocean Reef Community Association (ORCA) and its members against any and all losses of, or damage to,  any property and/or injuries to any person sustained by ORCA. its members, residents, guests, and/or employees, by reason of any acts of fraud, dishonesty, forgery, embezzlement, theft, vandalism, violence on the part of the said employee on or about the Ocean Reef premises. In the event the said employee is found by the employer/company agrees to provide all information pertaining to the employee in the employer/company possession, and to fully cooperate in any subsequent investigation. The employer/company also agrees to retain the employer's ID card upon termination and notify the Public Safety Department's Access Control Office.
Has your manager or authorized agent sent an email to welcomecenter@orcareef.com authorizing you as an employee? If not, there will be a delay in processing this application. *


The following are some of the Ocean Reef Community Association rules and regulations and this list is in no way to be considered all inclusive. A copy of the Ocean Reef Community Association Handbook and Building Regulations and Restrictions are available upon request.
(Initial below the rules)
(1) The maximum speed limit throughout Ocean Reef is 25 mph with few exceptions, where it is then reduced to 15 mph.

(2) Parking in travel lanes is prohibited. Vehicles at construction site are required to park according to the submitted parking plan. Landscape vehicles may park in roadway when orange cones are placed in front and behind the truck and trailer. Vehicles may be parked in roadway when during the installation of pavers. Do not park in a manner creating blind spots which are a safety risk to other vehicles and pedestrians.

(3) Gas powered blowers are not permitted as of January 1, 2017.

(4) Overnight parking of commercial vehicles in residential areas of Ocean Reef is not permitted.

(5) Parking in natural areas as well as golf course and sand areas is prohibited.

(6) All commercially licensed vehicles, as well as construction and service vehicles (trucks, vans, trailers, etc.) MUST have the business and/or owner operator, location and telephone number posted on the vehicle in neat and readable lettering.

(7) The use of jackhammers including chipper hammers and pile driving is prohibited between November 1 and May 14.
(8) Permitted work hours are 8am start - 5pm exit (off property) Monday-Friday from November 1 through May 14; 7am start - 6pm exit (off property) Monday-Saturday from May 15 through October 31.

(9) All gates at construction sites MUST be secured at end of work day.

(10) Sleeveless shirts are not permitted.

(11) Overflowing dumpsters are not permitted; they must be emptied prior to reaching that condition.

(12) Green screen is required on the outside of all construction site fencing prior to the commencement of construction, including renovations. The fence must be 6 foot in height with a top rail and surround the total perimeter of the construction site.

(13) Vacant lots will not be used for storage of equipment unless there is an active construction site in the neighborhood; the owner of the lot has sent an email to the ORCA Business Office authorizing such and is approved by the Architectural Committee, prior to the storing of the equipment.

(14) Permits (County & ORCA) are required to be posted at each site. It is recommended that a copy of the parking plan be placed with the permits.
(15) ORCA ID cardholders are required to register their personal or company vehicle and obtain a parking decal for the designated work area on Ocean Reef property.


Do you need a Parking Decal? All vehicles on property require a Parking Decal. *
The undersigned expressly authorizes any member of Ocean Reef Public Safety Department to conduct a search of the passenger compartment and/or trunk on any motor vehicle within which I may be riding, either as an operator or passenger, while I am entering, leaving, on or about the premises of Ocean Reef. This consent also grants the Public Safety Department the right to search the contents of any bag, parcel, package, or container of any size or description which may be carried or transported by me while I am on or about the premises of Ocean Reef. I expressly agree the above described searches may be conducted in the sole discretion of the Ocean Reef Public Safety Department whenever it deems such a search to be necessary. The Public Safety Department is further authorized to disclose any all information regarding my employment records, past, present or future, to any individual when, in its sole discretion, such disclosure is deemed to be in the best interests of the Ocean Reef Community Association and its residents. The information and fingerprints entered in this record are voluntarily submitted by the undersigned as a statement of fact and qualification for the ID card applied for. The
undersigned expressly authorizes the employer to submit the said information and fingerprints to any person, firm, corporation, body, bureau, department, police official and police record bureaus  whatsoever or whomsoever, for the purpose of any investigation which the Public Safety Department may desire to make with of and from all manner of action and actions, suits, either in law or in equity, which against the Public Safety Department or employer the undersigned ever had, now has or which the undersigned, his heir, executors and administrators hereafter can, shall or may have, for upon or by any reason of any matters, cause of things whatsoever in connection with the foregoing.


1) Swiping or scanning of a state issued Driver's License or State Issued ID card. Per Florida state statute 322.143 (6)(a) (Use of a driver license or identification card), An individual may consent to allow the private entity to swipe the individual’s driver license or identification card to collect and store personal information on. However, the individual must be informed what information is collected and the purpose or purposes for which it will be used.

Ocean Reef Public Safety is committed to ensure the accuracy and expeditious pro­cessing of your information as well as adhering to state law. As such we are required to inform you that we will be swiping and or scanning your identification as presented to us and collecting the information contained on your identification for the purpose of confirming your identity and processing not only background information but also information for allowing your entry into Ocean Reef.

2) Firearms are not allowed onto Ocean Reef property. As such please be sure that you secure your firearms outside of Ocean Reef as you see fit. If you enter or try to enter Ocean Reef property with a firearm you will be escorted off property or turned around. Furthermore, this violation could result in your privilege to enter or remain on Ocean Reef as well as the confiscation of your ORCA ID card.

3) Your Social Security number has been requested to further assist us in confirming your identity to obtain a valid ORCA ID card. While this information is voluntary, failure to provide it will result in our inability to further process your request for ap­proval to enter Ocean Reef.

The undersigned acknowledges that you have read and understand the above policies and procedures in their entirety and agree to abide by them. The undersigned also gives consent to having a driver license swiped and providing a social security number for the purpose of gaining access to Ocean Reef Community Association.


ORCA ID CARDS must be picked up within 90 days of submission
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