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Credit Card details must be filled out completely as part of this agreement to proccess your booking.
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I authorize the use of the above credit card for the charging of:

  • After hours key lock out $100.00.
  • Replacement of lost keys, remote controls (at cost)
  • $100.00 minimum penalty for properties left unclean (refer Clause 19 of our Conditions of Tenancy) • Removal of excess garbage, boxes, bottles etc (at cost)
  • Damages / breakages to the above property (at cost)
  • $40.00 cleaning fee for unclean BBQs
  • Telephone charges (if applicable)
  • Late departure fee ($30.00 per hour)
  • Bond processing /claim fee (min $25.00) Any other incidental charges that may be incurred as per our Terms and Conditions of Tenancy which shall be deemed to form part of this agreement *
I have read and agreed to the above sale terms *
I agree to accept and abide to the NO PARTY & NO EXCESSIVE NOISE POLICY and the BOOKING CONDITIONS OF TENANCY which I have read. I also confirm that this reservation is for Holiday purposes only. (A full list of Conditions of Tenancy are attached are also available from the Professionals front desk and on line at * *
Thank you for booking with Forster Accomodation Centre - See you shortly!
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