Waubonsee Community College

Pandemic Relief Scholarship Application

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide additional financial assistance for tuition, books, and required fees to students who have been impacted by the ongoing pandemic. If you need additional assistance for emergency needs, please complete the Emergency Needs Fund Intake Form. If you need technology assistance, please visit: waubonsee.edu/admissions/financial-aid-and-scholarships/cares-act

Student Information

Agreement and Signature

You acknowledge that by completing and submitting this request form, you are not guaranteed to receive funding nor the total amount of funding you are requesting. *
You agree that by completing and signing the form you are authorizing the review of your financial and academic records at Waubonsee Community College and the release of your information for other funding opportunities. *
You agree that by signing the form all of the information you provided is correct and complete. *