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(1) Please check the box next to each course you are planning on registering for.  You may only choose one course per day.
(2) Please keep in mind that class size is limited and enrollment is determined on a first come-first served basis.
(3) The price per 6-hour class is $90
      The price for a 3-hour class is $45 (*Friday, June 15th only*)
(4) The deadline to register for a course is Moday, May 28th.
(5) If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Gorgoglione at 718-984-6500.

Course Options

Weekend of June 2nd

Saturday, June 2nd (1:30pm-7:30pm)
Sunday, June 3rd(1:00pm-7:00pm)

Weekend of June 9th

Saturday, June 9th (7:30am-1:30pm)
Sunday, June 10th (1:00pm-7:00pm)
*Note: the Earth Science course is only offered to those students required to take the Regents**

Weekend of June 16th

Friday, June 15th (3:30pm-6:30pm)
Saturday, June 16th (9:00am-3:00pm)
*Note: Review classes offered on Friday, June 15th will be scheduled as 3-hour sessions only.  As a result, the cost to register for a class on this day has been reduced to $45*

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