Clear Any Eviction, Broken Lease, Eviction Filings Or Rental Balances From Your Credit And Tenant Reports!


Regular Price:   ̶$̶1̶5̶.̶9̶5̶  Per Eviction Dispute
Discount Price: $9.95   Per Eviction Dispute

Section A: Consumer Information

For investigation, please include a copy of your valid and verifiable, government-issued photo identification for faster processing of your request with the tenant reporting agencies..-- i.e drivers license, passport etc. Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Investigations may take up to 30 days.
Can This Really Remove My Eviction Or Broken Lease?
Yes it can help and guide you on the proper precedures to remove your eviction or broken lease from seven tenant reporting agencies.
Can I Remove My Eviction From My Court Records With This Program?
No you cannot dispute your eviction or remove it from the county court records using this program. You must payoff your eviction directly with the previous landlord and obtain a satisfaction of release letter to present to your county court clerks office.
Your letter of satisfaction will serve as proof of payment and the debt has been paid. However a landlord or property manager will not check your county court records to see if you have any evictions, 95% of landlords will run your credit and tenant check through the national tenant reporting agency databases.
This is where our program comes in. Our program is designed to help you to dispute and remove your eviction records from the tenant reporting companies and national databases. 
These are the companies that has blacklisted you from renting.
We provide the necessary tools to dispute your evictions and get you out of these dreaded databases.
Do I Have To Dispute My Eviction Myself?
Yes its really easy, we have packaged a step by step guide with simple instructions on how to dispute your evictions quickly. 
Will This Really Work For Me?
It can work for anyone with the desire to dispute and remove their eviction. We have sold more than 10,000 copies of our program and our customers have seen tremendous results and are able to successfully obtain new housing after using this proprietary system. 
Do I Have To Pay For This Kit?
Yes you do, we charge a very small modest fee to use our services to order your digital information.
How Fast Can I Remove My Eviction?
We have seen evictions get removed as quick as 15 days but can take up to 45 days depending on your case and situation. Under normal circumstances if you follow our instuctions you can clear your name in a few weeks. 
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