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How To Get Approved For A New Home Using Our Program.
Step 1:
Create Your Account
Step 2:
Log Into Your Rent Access Portal
Step 3: 
Read The Step By Step Guide Once In Portal
Step 4:
Follow The Outlined Steps To Submit Your Information-Do Not Skip Any Steps While Completing Your Forms.
Step 5: 
Get Assigned To A Case Manager
Step 6:
Case Manager Will Contact You To Review Your Account Before Submitting Your Application To Your First Property.
Step 7: 
Wait For Approval
Step 8: 
After Approval Pay Cosigning Fee Within 72 Hours. 
Please Note:
If Cosigning Fee Not Received In 72 Hours We Cancel The Lease Offer And Close Your Case.
Do Not Create An Account To Our Client Portal If You Are Unable To Pay Your Cosigning Fee Within 72 Hours Of Your Approval.
As It Will Only Result In Wasted Time And Money Loss On Both Sides If You Can't Pay Your Approval Fee.
Example Of Possible Fees:
Processing Fee Per Submitted Property: Single Adult> $50.00
Cosigning Fee After Approval Is Equivalent To One Months Rent.
If Rent Is $800.00 You Pay Us $1000.00 Before You Can Sign Your Lease.
Cosigning Fee> $800.00
Security Deposit> $800.00
First Months Rent> $800.00
Your cost to get started today is $0.00
We do provide access to properties within our app.
These properties are simply apartments or property management companies that are known to work with people with rental and credit issues.
That does not mean you are entitled to an automatic approval just because you are using our program, you can still get denied.
Working with Cosign Partners And Ways2Rent does give you an advantage if you are living with poor credit or bad rental histories, but we don't promise an approval at any one particular property.
Cosign Partners and Ways2Rent does not have any working relationships with any particular property or will guarantee you an approval at any one particular property.
In order to make such promises and guarantees that would mean a company has to have a contractual working relationship with a particular property.
We have no contractual relationship with any property.
We will apply to your selected property using our second chance rental program.
Our program has worked for thousands of customers before you and can work for you as well.
You have nothing to lose by allowing us to apply to your first property.
Its Free!
Customer Appreciation Week Special.
To show appreciation, over the next 24 hours no customer will be charged a processing fee on their first submitted application to our company.
You are however responsible for your application fee with your selected property.
Once approved you are responsible to pay your cosigning fee equivalent to your approved rent amount.
This fee must be paid within 72 hours to avoid a lease offer cancellation.
If you get a rental denial with your selected property, you have the option to submit a second property and pay the processing fee.
Processing Fee Per Submitted Property:
Single Adult: $50.00 
Two Adults: $75.00
Three Adults:$100.00 
To be very clear if you want to submit a second property or third then you are required to pay the processing fee for each submission.
It does not take long to get started.
Start by creating your account. Then Login
Then follow the illustrated guide.
Start with step 1 and work your way down to step 5> Do This In Order
Once this has been completed then we will be alerted that your case is ready for submission.
We will not contact you if you have an incomplete file.
When your file is complete in your portal you can expect to be assigned to a case manager within 24 to 48 hours of a completed package.
Some properties give an approval within 24 to 48 hours and some may give an approval within one to two weeks.
We do not have control over the properties approval timeline.
We guarantee an approval as long as you don't quit the program. 
We DON'T guaranty an approval at any one particular property.
But we will guaranty you, we will work your case until you have an approval with one of your selected properties as long as you stay in the program.
Our program is one of the top second chance rental programs in the country. 
Although we can get you approved for a new home. We cannot guaranty which property will approve you. 
So you can be denied if we apply to your selected property, but using our program will improve your chances of obtaining a new rental agreement.
And if you are denied on your first free submitted property you haven't lost anything.
So what do you have to lose?
If you get approved you pay us the cosigning fee equivalent to one months rent.
If you get denied then you can opt to quit the program and we shake hands and part as friends or you can submit a new property and keep going until we get you approved.
Or another way to see this!
No company can guaranty you an approval unless that company has a direct contractual working relationship with your specific selected property. 
We don't have a direct contractual agreement with any property. Therefore we would never make such claims of automatic approvals no matter where we apply too.
If you want an automatic guaranteed approval claim by a company make sure they have a contract with your selected property.
Other than that, its not costing you a dime to have us apply to your first selected property.
Win Win
Yes you will have to pay your application fees, first months rent and security deposit.
This program does not exempt you from paying your selected property fees.
You should have a property in mind before submitting it into our system. 
You will only receive one free submission and no processing fee. 
If you make a mistake and submit the wrong property do not try to resubmit a property unless you plan to pay a processing fee.
Only the first submitted property will be offered as a free submission.
We highly recommend researching the property you want us to apply to first. 
Remember you only get one free submission.
About Us
Cosign Partners and Ways2Rent has been helping renters nationwide for more than 2 decades now with an a-plus rating with the united states chamber of commerce and 4.2 Star Rating with Google Reviews.
With a track record of providing great services and helping our clients obtain a new rental lease agreement in the shortest amount of time.
We practice good customer service, we return phone calls and always followup with our clients.
Which establishes trust with our customers at the very beginning.
With our long standing record of being in the second chance rental industry for so long. We know what we are doing.
We know how to help you to obtain a new lease agreement in the shortest amount of time.
We have seen many companies popup in this industry and go away only after a fews and not providing their customers with quality services.
Using our custom client portal our clients are always in the know................
The biggest question we get is how we get you approved? 
We use the rin method combined with an insurance protection plan.
  • Once you have been approved by the property, we will place a small insurance policy on the lease to protect your landlord against a tenant default.
    This landlord insurance protection plan will protect the landlord or property management company against a tenant defaulting on their lease, and if you get evicted or you break the lease, the insurance company will reimburse the landlord for loss of rental income coverage for up to 6 months.
    If the property will accept our landlord protection plan then it will improve your chances of getting a faster approval.
    And most properties are very eager to accept this program and approve you because they feel protected and secure and many times will overlook poor credit, an eviction or broken lease that may be present on your record.
First Property
Their is no refund on your first property because we are submitting your application for free although you still have your application fees your selected property will charge.
Second Property
You may request a refund as long as we have not submitted your application to your selected property.
If we have submitted your rental application no refunds are offered because the work has been done.
This same rule applies to all applications after the first application.
What do you have to loose? 
You are receiving professional second chance rental services with no upfront cost to get you started. 
This is your moment to let us submit your first property for free don't waste it!
Your first application could result in an approval. 
Your criminal history can possibly cause you to get a rental denial even with this program.
However most properties when they do a background and criminal check through your assigned rin number they will not see your credit or criminal history.
But if they decide to check your background through your drivers license then they can definitely see your felony or misdemeanor. 
So the goal is to get them to focus on your background check only through the rin number that we have assigned to you.
We also explain very clearly of less of a risk to rent to you with an insurance protection in place to protect them from you.
It works 80% of the time with a minimal background check but not all of the time.
And many times they love the insurance protection plan and will rent to you regardless of you criminal past.
Just keep in mind their is still the probability of your felony showing up and you getting denied a lease.
At least with our program your chances of renting with a felony will increase.
You don't have anything to lose by having us apply to your first property, you never know we get you approved on your first property submission.

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