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Charity or free services are not offered by our organization.
In fact most if not all second chance rental organizations will charge a fee for services.
The only companies that may offer free rental help or relief are churches, shelters and some state programs that may offer help to qualified applicants.
What this means is...a person with an eviction, broken lease, eviction filing or rental balance will continue to face rental challenges even with one of these charity or state related programs. 
With those programs you must show the landlord or property manager that you have poor rental history. Which can have adverse effects in obtaining a lease agreement through agencies that provide charity programs.
Example: You can have a voucher, section 8, rapid rehousing it does not matter. If you have an eviction or broken lease present on your record. You will still not be able to rent unless the landlord is willing to excuse the eviction, which is unlikely.
We provide a program to help you to navigate these rental issues so you can rent again.
However fees are required to obtain this type of assistance.
Companies Like us rely on service fees to stay in business and to continue to bring assistance to renters like you who are in need of rental help.
If you are not willing to invest the money needed to help yourself rent again.
Then it is most likely you will continue in the same situation you are currently in.
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