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Full-Service Second Chance Rental Program

Are you eager to secure your ideal apartment or house without the usual hurdles? Say hello to our all-encompassing full-service second chance rental programs, designed to pave the way for your leasing success.

Our powerful second chance rental program comes with an ironclad guarantee – we will secure a lease agreement for you, no questions asked.

With our expert guidance, obtaining your rental approval has never been easier. For a nominal setup fee of just $150.00, you can embark on your journey to guaranteed rental approval. We wield two potent tools in our arsenal: a fully registered Renters Identification Number and a rental guarantor program.

Don't wait for weeks; experience approval in a matter of days. Let us lead you to the keys of your new home. Your future residence is just a few clicks away!

Product Offer 2: Do It Yourself Rental Kits

We understand that everyone's rental journey is unique. That's why we offer two incredible Do It Yourself Rental Kits:

  1. Kit with Case Manager: Priced at $695.00 for a single adult or $795.00 for a couple, this kit includes a dedicated case manager to support you every step of the way. Get the guidance you need until you secure your approval.

  2. Kit Without a Case Manager: For those who prefer a DIY approach, this kit is available at just $395.00 for one adult or $495.00 for two adults. You'll be in control of your case, handling it independently.

Choose the kit that suits your style and needs!

Product Offer 3: Fast Start Kit

Looking for a cost-effective and powerful solution? Our Fast Start Kit is the answer. For only $129.95 for a single adult or $259.90 for two adults, you'll receive your Renters Identification Number (RIN) and comprehensive registration instructions. This kit empowers you to take charge of your rental journey.

Please note: With this budget-friendly option, you'll be responsible for registering your own RIN.

Product Offer 4: Property Listing Database Access

Gain access to our property listing database, where you can explore apartment listings that cater to individuals with rental issues. Discover better rental options tailored to your needs.

Choose the product that aligns with your goals, and let us help you make your rental dreams a reality. Your journey starts here!