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Nixon’s Coffee House is dedicated to consciously creating community through the simple act of preparing and serving great coffee and food. Within our community we endeavor to serve each guest in a loving and caring manner, and providing a safe place for all to share life with one another. 

We desire to treat every applicant in a fair, honest, and trusting manner. This application requests and contains information that is confidential and so will not to be used, released, or reviewed by any person outside Nixon’s Coffee House and Share Good Foods. To provide the safest environment for all those involved, a criminal background check may be conducted. Nixon’s Coffee House hires employees without regard to race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, or background. 

PURPOSE To help people in our community experience personal value, relationships, and purpose through the simple act of preparing and serving great coffee and food, and loving on all who come through our doors. 

MISSION It is our mission to provide top-quality, full service, coffee shop as a third space, designed to offer individuals and groups of all ages a welcoming, safe refuge where they can relax and connect. A third space is a place that is not home or work, and offers connection and acceptance on a person’s own terms. Third space can be enhanced where great coffee and great foods are served. 


CONNECTING PLACE – We are a community gathering center, where relationships always come first. 

SAFE ENVIRONMENT OF GRACE AND ACCEPTANCE – We are in the business of honoring, serving, and caring about our guests. 

INTERGENERATIONAL PLACE – a welcoming place for a variety of age groups to meet, talk, and rub shoulders. 

CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT – being able to think outside the box – artistically, musically, and in other ways. 

HOLISTIC PLACE OF RELATIONAL CARE – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


• We envision a coffee shop of the highest quality: top-notch coffee and food sold at a reasonable price, quality staff known for their skills and friendly manner, lots of clean and yet comfortable places to hang out and read or chat, free Wi-Fi, etc. 

• We envision a unique coffee experience taking place at Nixon’s Coffee House where every guest leaves feeling like they are special and important. 

• We envision a community place where grandmothers bring their grandkids, alongside students working on laptops, together with high school groups coming to hang out. A great place for a lunch meeting or just a break away from the office. 

• We envision a safe place for community groups, church groups, and youth groups to hang out. 

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