Summer Skills Nights with the ABQ Sol FC will being June 13 at 7pm at St. Pius HS. These sessions are open to boys and girls area youth soccer players ages 09 (U9) - 03 (U15).  These sessions are designed to allow players an outlet to improve their technical development over the summer months by learning from their favorite ABQ Sol FC players and staff. Sessions will be every Wednesday evening at 7pm at St. Pius HS. Sessions begin June 13th and run through July 11th. All sessions are an hour in length. This program will be directed by ABQ Sol Head Coach, Justin Sells. Sessions run every Wednesday evening at 7pm at St. Pius HS. Get out this summer and learn from the Sol!


  • Where: St. Pius HS
    ‣ When: Wednesday evenings each week @ 7pm-8PM
    ‣ Dates: June 13 - July 11, 2018 (Not July 4)
    ‣ Cost: $95 per player (includes Sol training t-shirt)
    ‣ Questions: contact

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ABQ Sol Skills Night- June 20 - $30
ABQ Sol Skills Night- June 27 - $30
ABQ Sol Skills Night- July 11 - $30
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Parent Authorization & General Release of Liability I approve of my child participating in all activities at any of the ABQ SOL Camps and certify that s/he is in good health and is fit to participate. I understand that there are inherent risks in camp activities, which have been considered and which the Participant assumes. Participant has medical insurance and has had a health physical within the past year. I agree to hold harmless ABQ SOL and its agents from claims or damages due to injury to person or property caused by act or failure to act by ABQ SOL. I consent to emergency medical treatment for my child, if in the judgment of the camp staff it is required. This waiver has been read and understood and is electronically signed voluntarily by me as the legal representative for the participant: *
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