Technical Assistance Grant

Technical Assistance Grant Guidelines

Applications are accepted from September 30 – April 30

To assist Arts Council members in improving their artistic quality, community service or management.

This reimbursement grant program is designed to provide outside help for Arts Council members to address problems or issues.

Eligibility for funds are ONLY Prince William County Arts Council members (excludes associate members) with dues paid and membership effective as of September 1st. This grant is funded directly by membership dues.

1. Short-term consultations on artistic or organizational problems. Consultation should be held with the individual artist or staff/board of an applicant organization responsible for the resulting plan of action.

2. Sending artists, administrators, board members, and other authorized representatives to conferences or seminars which will increase member effectiveness. Applicants will use the Prince William County Government per diem rates for payment
of mileage and meals. The Admin Support Coordinator can provide current information on per diem rates.

3. Purchase of equipment, computer hardware, and software (including subscriptions and licensing) for management purposes.

Activity must be completed by June 30, 2022


Applications are reviewed by the Admin Support Coordinator for eligibility and completion. Evaluation by the Arts Council Board is based upon the demonstrated need of the member and availability of funds. The maximum amount of assistance for FY2022 is $500 per member, with grants being distributed only if funds are available; on a first come first serve basis. Award amount requested can be less than maximum allowed.

Applications benefiting a single representative of a member organization are accepted, however this is considered assistance for the member organization, thus any additional requests will only allow for remaining amounts of the maximum assistance per member. This is a reimbursement grant. Upon approval, the applicant is notified to proceed with payment of the demonstrated need. Payments/Purchases may not be made prior to approval (in rare cases, the Arts Council Board may vote on exceptions to this ruling).

The approved applicant is required to submit a Final Report consisting of receipts to show proof of payment and any additional paperwork necessary (i.e. mileage tracking).

Grant funds are only issued as a reimbursement up to the maximum amount of $500 per member after the Final Report is received. Final reports are due within 45 days of approval or activity completion and no later than June 1. Please note that funds will NOT be provided for activities that have already occurred prior to approval of a grant.



If you acknowledge contributors by categories of donations in program books, you are required to acknowledge the grant amount in the appropriate category from Prince William County. This is only required if you currently list sponsors on your website or other records. It is requested that you include the PWC Arts Council logo on your organization website. Links to request this logo can be found on the website:


The Arts Council is soliciting Technical Assistance Grant Applications for submission by April 30, 2022. Application materials will not be accepted by fax transmission or any other electronic means (e.g., e-mail). Questions about the application should be directed to the Arts Recreation Specialist, 703-792-8782,

Applicants must submit one original completed grant application to:

Prince William County Arts Council
Arts Recreation Specialist
Hellwig Administrative Offices
14420 Bristow Road
Manassas, VA 20112

Technical Assistance Grant Application Instructions

Please type answers to all the following sections, following the numbered sequence.  Use 12-point font size. Use only 8 1/2” x 11” pages typed.  Do not exceed four (4) pages of response text, excluding requested support documentation.  Be sure to label the top of each page of the application with the name of the organization and the page number. Submit one completed copy of the application and all supporting materials.

Service to the Community

Does the organization have 80% members or participants from the Greater Prince William community or 70% of services or programs offered within the community? (See Guidelines. Explain if answer(s) is “no”) *
Have you compared pricing on at least 3 sources (including free software websites) for lower or free costs? (See guidelines. Explain if answer is "no". *
The undersigned certifies to the best of his/her knowledge the information in this application and its attachments is true and correct; the filing of this application has been duly authorized by the governing body of the applicant organization; the applicant agrees to comply with all the grant conditions citied above. The undersigned further certifies that he or she has the legal authority to obligate the applicant.

Signature of Artist
For Arts Organizations
Signature of Board President / Chairman
Signature of Executive Director

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