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This $250 graduation award from The Alchemist Foundation is for 2021 graduates who are not going into a formal education program after high school, but who know what they are doing, where they are going, and why! 
Are you going straight to work after high school? Joining the military? Becoming an apprentice? Strting a business? Do you have a PLAN? Are you ready to build your life after high school? Then you should apply for the Ready Alchemist Foundation Award!

Here's the Ready AF 2021 Application!
The deadline for applications is May 25!
You can save your form and come back to finish it if you do not have all of the required information.
Here's what's on this form:
1. About you (your personal & school info)
2. Your plan after high school (short personal essays)
3. Your recommendation from others* 
* There is a place in this form to upload a letter from a teacher, friend or community member, but they can also fill out this simple Ready AF recommendation form.
Questions? Please see our website for a little more info.
And email Liz Schlegel with any questions! 

1. About You

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About Your High School Experience

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