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Your Information

For this section, please provide your name as it appears in your passport as well as provide the best contact information we can connect with you. NOTE: You will have to upload a scan or photo of your passport in a later section.
Are you an HRC pastor? *
Choice of tour itinerary: *
Preferred rooming option: *

Emergency Contact Information

Please provide the following information for your emergency contact. The most reliable contact information will help expedite communications in case of any emergency.

Preferred Departure + Passport Upload

Are you flying out from the US? *
Are you interested in flying with the group from the US? *
A digital upload of your passport is necessary to reserve your spot for the Spirit & Truth Tour of Israel + Egypt 2023. Please ensure the following before uploading a scan or photo of your passport:
  • Your passport is VALID AND NOT EXPIRED. If it is expired, please renew it by following the appropriate processes in your country. Also, please let us know by connecting with us at so that we can provide instructions for you to complete the application.
  • The file uploaded must display all necessary information clearly to avoid delays in getting the best deal available for this ministry trip.

Important Health Information

For your safety and to prepare for necessary accommodations during this ministry trip, please answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge.
Do you have any allergies? *
Do you have any medical conditions? *
Do you have any disabilities? *
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