The City Bar is seeking to enhance civic education in New York City. Our focus is on the City’s public school system, through grade 12. We define civic education broadly, including the justice system, governmental structure and processes, rights, legal topics, civic participation and civic advocacy.

Our concern is that not enough students are adequately exposed to any of these topics, despite the efforts of many educators as well as many in the legal community. We have met with several civic education organizations and believe that lawyers not only have a role to play in enhancing civic knowledge and participation, but would be welcome if they volunteered to assist in civic preparedness. 

Following are the organizations we are working with and that would be pleased to have lawyers (and in some cases, non-lawyers) volunteer with them:

To match volunteers with appropriate opportunities, we have created this form. Once you complete the form, the information will be made available to organizations that are involving volunteers in their civic education efforts. You may hear from the City Bar or directly from one of the groups regarding opportunities. It is possible that many of the opportunities will be virtual, though working with students in person is most desirable. 

Thank you for your interest.

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B. Related Experience

C. Volunteer Opportunities

Which of the following activities would you be interested in participating in (list as many as you want): *

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