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Surgery Admissions Form
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Your pet will have a presurgical exam to identify any medical conditions that could compromise the health of your pet.  A physical exam alone may not reveal some underlying health issues and other diagnostics are recommended before placing your pet under anesthesia.  These recommendations include bloodwork and an electrocardiogram.  While these diagnostics do not guarantee the absence of anesthetic complications, it may identify medical conditions that could require further treatment before anesthesia to reduce anesthetic risks.  If abnormalities are found, a doctor will contact you before performing the scheduled procedure.
Please indicate your preanesthetic options below by typing your initials below your selection:
Pre-operative Bloodwork:
Electrocardiogram: This is a noninvasive way to identify an abnormal heart arrhythmia prior to anesthesia.
Would you like for your pet to receive a microchip while under sedation? Microchipping can help identify your pet if they become lost. *
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If your pet is undergoing an elective procedure, they are required to have current vaccinations that meet our hospital guidelines.  It is your responsibility to provide these at the time of admission.  If the vaccinations are not found to be current, we will administer required vaccinations at the owner's expense.
If your pet is found to have fleas, ticks, or intestinal parasites at admission, appropriate treatment will be administered at the owner's expense.