Mattress Claim Form
1) Please take pictures of the mattress without sheets and a close-up of the problem. Pictures must not have bedding on the mattress, view from above the mattress, and view from foot of the bed at mattress level. *Additional documentation may be requested.
2) Please scan a copy of your receipt.

3) Once your claim is received you will be contacted by our Customer Service Advocate/Claims Department at which time your pictures and receipt will be requested if it was not uploaded at time of claim.

BMC Mattress product does not carry a warranty on any of our mattresses. It is strictly on a case by case basis if we determine that you have received a truly defective product we can exchange it for a top of the line product. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Purchase Details *
I purchased a mattress protector
I purchased box-springs
I purchased a frame
I purchased a pillowtop
My frame has center support


Select Problem *
Is your mattress squeaking
Is your mattress sagging
Is the sagging less than 1.5"
Is the sagging more that 1.5"

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