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Due to changes in the law, industry practices, client demand for diversity of programming, and competition in the marketplace, our industry is both challenging and dynamic.
Today’s CPE providers are changing their methods of operation..  Years ago CPE courses were text-based or live training programs.  Today we see great diversity in programming.  Companies now offer many choices in the ways professionals can obtain CPE credit.  Credit courses are offered in many formats: text, prerecorded video, prerecorded audio, and live presentations that utilize a number of different platforms such as Adobe Connect, WebEx, and Go to Seminar.  Tax Media Network is ready to meet the needs of CPE providers.

For a number of years my company, Tax Media Network, has provided hundreds of courses to CPE providers for inclusion in their diverse curriculums.  We are proud to say that we have provided quality education to thousands and thousands of tax and financial professionals.
More than 25 CPE providers worldwide have offered our courses.  Since our course selection is so large and unique, individual students take multiple courses from us each year.

CPE providers receive a complete educational package with every course.
Each course includes the following items:
1.  Course description (NASBA and IRS compliant)
2.  Power Points
3.  Self-study materials consisting of learning questions, final examination, and answers (NASBA and IRS compliant)
5.  Transcripts (text-based) of each course licensed (available on most products)
*  Payments for licensing are required at the execution of the contract and every three months thereafter.

All materials will be sent to you in electronic format
License pricing information (price is per month / per product
To be paid quarterly

1 – 9 Products - $175 
10 – 14 Products -  $170
15 – 19 Products - $164
20 – 24 Products -  $158
25 – 29 Prodcuts - $152
30 – 34 Products - $146
35 – 39 Products - $140
40+ Products - $134
We hope you enjoy our Tax Media Network course catalog. We appreciate the opportunity to work with your company and serve the professional community.
You can view the most recent catalog here:

Thank you!  Please contact Toni at:  (260) 571-8142 for additional information.  

Please complete order information below if you would like to license products.

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2015 - 2016 Agricultural Tax Update - Video
2015 - 2016 Education Tax Issues - Video
2015 - 2016 Employment Tax Update - Video
2015 - 2016 Federal Tax Update: Ethics & Due Diligence Issues - Video
2015 - 2016 Federal Tax Update: Rulings & Cases - Video
2015 - 2016 International Tax Update and Review - Video
2015 - 2016 IRS Collection Review & Update - Video
2015 - 2016 IRS Examination Review and Update - Video
2015 - 2016 Nonprofit Tax Update - Video
2015 - 2016 Tax Litigation Review & Update - Video
2015 International Tax Update - Video
2015 Tax Shelter Update - Video
2016 Critical Tax Update - PROA - Video
2016 Entitlements Review and Update - Video
2016 IRS Practice & Procedure Update - Video
2016 - Preparing the Challenging Form 990 - Edition - Book
A Look at the IRS During Difficult Times - Video
Appeals, Penalty & Interest Abatement - Video
Avoiding Tax Practice Mistakes - Part 1 - Collection & Examination - Video
Avoid Tax Practice Mistakes - Appeals, Technical Assistance, Penaltes & Interest - Part II - Video
Cancellation of Debt Income - Video
Churches & Ministries - Understanding Tax Issues and IRS Enforcement Guidelines - Video
Construction Industry Tax Issues - Video
How the IRS Determines Unreported Income - Video
How to Buy Low and Donate High - Building Wealth Through Wise Charitable Giving
How to Contest IRS Penalties & Interest Determinations - Video
How to Create a Foreign Nonprofit Organization That Meets IRS Requirements - Video
How to Defend a Client before IRS Examination & Collection - Video
How to Form a Nonprofit / For Profit Joint Venture That Meets IRS Criteria - Video
How to Form a Nonprofit and Obtain IRS Approval - Video
How to Negotiate a IRS Appeals Settlement - Video
How to Prepare a Business Plan and Secure Financing - Video
International Tax Issues for Businesses - Video
International Tax Issues for Individuals - Video
IRS Correspondence and Matching Programs - Video
IRS Defined Abusive Tax Shelters - Video
IRS Examination Selection Process - Video
IRS Revenue Code Section 280 - A Tax Potpourri - Video
IRS Section 1031 - Understanding Like Kind Exchanges - Video
Mastering the Art of Tax Planning - Video
Net Operating Losses - Making the Right Choice - Video
Please check if you wish to license this product
Offers in Compromise and the IRS Audit Reconsideration Process - Video
Off Shore Compliance - IRS procedures relating to (FBAR & FATCA and OVD) - Video
Payroll Tax Planning - Video
Preparing IRS Letter Rulings - Video
Preparing the Challenging Form 990 - Video
Realistic Budgeting for the Small Nonprofit - Video
Record Retention, Privacy, and the Freedom of Information Act - Video
Self Employment Tax Reduction Strategies - Video
Statutes of Limitations and Mitigation of the Statutes of Limitations
Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations - Video
Taxation and Major Immigration Issues of Resident and Nonresident Aliens - Video
Tax Issues for Americans Living Abroad - Video
Tax Treaties: Their Impact on Doing Business Abroad - Video
Tax Update Barter, Income, Exclusions and More - Video
The Internal Revenue Manual: How to Research Tax Issues and Learn to Avoid IRS Practice Mistakes - Video
The Top 50 Mistakes in Nonprofit Taxation and Governance Issues and How to Fix Them
The Top 50 Mistakes Practitioners Make and How To Fix Them: Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service - Book
UBI, UBTI AND UBIT - Understanding the Unrelated Business Income Tax - Video

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