Power Line Noise Mitigation Request
Before submitting this form, take steps to identify the exact source of your interference.  We request that you do some basic troubleshooting to narrow the range of possibilities and improve the likelihood that the noise issue can be successfully resolved. Your power company is responsible only for interference originating from their equipment.  The ARRL can assist you in resolving other causes of interference such as grow lights, switching power supplies, electric fences, and neon lights through its publications and, if available in your area, its network of volunteer technical specialists. Here are some resources to help you identify the source of your noise prior to requesting mitigation. 
Please refer to this ARRL link and take the recommended steps prior to completing this form. 
Power Line Noise FAQ
Energy Provider *
Is the RFI intermittant? *
If the interference is intermittant, please keep a log of at least ten days of observations of levels, temperature, wind, moisture (dry, damp, rain, snow), and date/time and complete this form when the log is complete. 
If you have a directional antenna, does the interference change as the antenna is rotated. *
Check Available Troubleshooting Equipment *

Outside antennas are suseptible to interference originating insde the house. To determine if the interference originates inside or outside the residence, complete the following troublshooting steps. Turn off all breakers one at a time and note any changes in the interference, leaving the radio room breaker on. Finally, when the radio room breaker is the last one on, disconnect all items in the room with the exception of the receiver. In particular, be sure to unplug all wall warts. Note any changes in the interference. 
Did turning off any breakers reduce or eliminate the interference? *
Is the interference reduced by transceiver noise blanker? *
The completed form will be reviewed by your ARRL Section Manager and submitted to Xcel Energy if you are in their service area. You will be contacted by either an ARRL or Xcel inventigator depending upon the nature of the problem. ARRL membership is appreciated but is not required for this service. 
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