Wroclaw Children's Museum and Story Center

Hi there. My name is Seth Compton. I'm the director of the Wroclaw Children's Museum and Story Center. Thanks for your interest in our Weekend Workshops. These will be a bit different than your typical "classes." We want you to help us create a family-friendly museum. 
We want your art on our walls!
It doesn't have to be all "art." It can be a performance, a garden, an instruction manual to have fun, a book of your own poetry, a game club, a kids film festival. Anything!
But first, let's get some information from you so we can stay in touch.
We divide our Weekend Workshops by season. This Winter Season lasts from February 2 - April 5 on Sundays at 13:00. We invite you to participate with us.
Creativity Plus with Aleksandra Nowacka - 90 minutes of instruction in a wide range of hands on art crafts including weaving, papermaking, wire art, sewing, traditional scrolls and more.
Diabolo Juggling with Fernando Kowarik Artelow - 60 minutes of a rigorous indoor activity learning to use a Diabolo (also sometimes called the Chiineese yo-yo).
Piano lessons with Basia Dabrowa - 60 minute lessons that can be individually schduled on Sundays.
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