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Marvin Efrid Park
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1) Individual make-up classes are not held for group sessions.
2) Permission is given to K9’s Unleashed to take photos/videos of my puppy/dog to
use for promotional and educational purposes.

3) Children are encouraged to participate if they are cooperative, respectful, and able
to follow directions and show sign of being a competent handler.

I hereby register my puppy/dog for K9s Unleashed group lessons and conditions expressed in this and all other documentation pertaining to the rules and policies of K9s Unleashed. I realize that any training activity has the potential for injury, to the handler and/or animal, and I waive any claim of accidental and /or negligent tort damage against K9s Unleashed and/or its owners, instructors/staff, or volunteers resulting from the activity. I acknowledge an assumption of risk by accepting and agreeing to allow myself, my family and my puppy/dog to participate in the K9s Unleashed programs.
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