2023 IWS Annual Exhibition

Entry Form

Must comply with current Prospectus. Help ensure your painting image reaches the juror, and avoid elimination, by reading and complying with all IWS rules and regulations in the Prospectus. 

One or two images may be uploaded on this entry form. 

Member *
Each image uploaded must be in the size range of 470 KB to 20 MB [or 20,480 KB]
Any image under 470 KB will be considered too small for juror evaluation. 
Any image over 20 MB will exceed the transmission limit and will not reach the juror.

Image file name must comply to naming convention to be considered for the show:

File(s) submitted on the Annual Exhibit entry form must conform to the IWS naming convention: Title.jpg
 Prior to submission - rename file, if necessary, in preparation for uploading the file image to IWS. 
(E.G.) If painting title is Walk In The Park -
             File name must already be named and uploaded as: WalkInThePark.jpg 

If entering two images, upload one image at a time
Must wait for the first image file to finish successfully uploading, prior to starting a second upload.  

If an image fails to upload, see acceptable size range (above) . 
If there is a second image to upload - don't upload a second image until the first has been successfully uploaded. 

Transparent Watercolor 1st Painting *
For Sale: *

Transparent Watercolor 2nd Painting
For Sale 2nd Painting:

After last painting upload, a 'SUBMIT' button will appear at the bottom of the form.
     The 'SUBMIT' buttton must be clicked to complete entry submission.