Hawaii Resilience Fund Emergency Grant Application

This program was made possible by the Hawaii Resilience Fund and a partnership between Hawaii First FCU and Hawaii Community Foundation. If your income has been impacted and you are experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please complete the form and be prepared to upload supporting documents.

Are you (or anyone in your household) an employee of Kuki’o Golf and Beach Club, Inc., Kuki’o Community Association, Inc., or Kuki’o Staffing Services, LLC? (If eligible, funds may be granted from the Kuki’o Community Fund of the Hawai’i Community Foundation*


(your responses will not affect your eligibility):

Native Hawaiian? *
Additional Disclosures

INELIGIBLE: Please note that you are not be eligible for this grant if you were previously awarded a grant from the Richard Smart Fund or the Hawaii Resilience Fund (issued from any participating organization including HOPE Services, Neighborhood Place of Puna, Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council, Hawaii Island United Way, Helping Hands Hawaii, Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement).

PROCESSING: Upon submitting your application please allow 2-4 weeks for processing. Please be sure to check your email for follow-ups or updates. You may be requested to provide additional documents by email. If you haven’t heard from us within this timeframe please email empower@hawaifirstfcu.com to check on status on your application.

IF APPROVED: If grant funds are approved allow for 7-10 business days turn-around time for grant disbursal.

NON-RECEIPT OF FUNDS: In the event your creditor did not receive your payment issued by the grant then the following will

  1. The credit union will need to be in receipt of the actual check (as returned or undeliverable) before we can re-issue payment.
  2. If the check is lost or unlocated there may be a waiting period of 120 days from date of disbursal before a reissue can be made.
  3. We encourage you to work directly with your creditor on a payment plan as grant proceeds may not satisfy your obligation or be received within the statement due date.

We wish you safety and good health during this time of uncertainty. Mahalo for allowing Hawaii First to serve your needs.

Also mahalo to the Hawaii Resilience Fund and our partnership with Hawaii Community Foundation for the opportunity to offer help and hope to Hawaii Island Residents.