* This payment site is for Income Tax only.  This is not for Summer or Winter Property Tax.
It can take 1-2 weeks to show your payment but you will be given credit 
for the date we receive it or the date your requested for it to be taken. Submitting this payment is like dropping a check in the mail.  If it comes back from the bank for Account closed, NSF, or stopped payment there is a $30 fee that will be charged.  Your confirmation number is the only receipt you will receive. You will NOT received an email or phone call unless there is a problem with your payment.
There is a fee to pay by credit card
$0.01 - $60.00  =  $1.50
above $60.01    =  3% fee
Type of account *
***IMPORTANT*** if you already are set up for a direct withdrawal reoccuring payment and are using a different checking or savings account for this payment it will change all future payments unless you contact office at 616-456-3415 option 0. 
You will NOT receive an email from us unless we have questions regarding your payments.  Your reference number is your receipt and it can take 1-5 business days to process your payment.
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