Goodwin Hospice Volunteer Application

Have you ever been convicted of a crime, excluding traffic offenses? *
Do you have any limitations (physical or other) which might affect your ability to volunteer? *
Has someone close to you died in the last year? *
Can you volunteer an average of one hour per week? (Volunteer time commitment may vary depending on the volunteer position.) *
Can you promise a full year of service? *
Can you participate an additional 2 hours at least twice a year in training seminars or group meetings? *

References (Please provide two references that know of your skills related to volunteering, hospice work, and/or interacting with older adults)

The facts set forth in my application for hospice volunteering are true and complete. If accepted as a hospice volunteer, I agree to abide by the directions, rules and policies of Goodwin Hospice regarding volunteers. *
Signature (Use your computer mouse or laptop touchpad to sign your name) *