Hit Makers and Rum Chasers Fundraiser Proxy Bid Form for the Island T-Shirt Quilt
Love the island t-shirt quilt? Can't come to the event and bid on it in person? Fill out the proxy bid form below and enter the max bid you are willing to pay for the quilt. There will be a proxy bidder at the event bidding on your behalf for the lowest amount possible up to your maximum bid.
The bid will go up in $10 incruiments.
Nothing will be charged to your card, unless you win (shipping charges will be added as well). We will notify you if you are the winner before running your card. 
Proxy Bidding ends at midnight January 29, 2018. 
All funds rasied from Hit Makers and Rum Chasers goes to Gifft Hill School, St John Schol of the Arts, Family Resource Center and The Virgin Islands Childrens Museum
Questions- email Brittany@islandabodes.com
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Thank you for supporting the Hit Makers and Rum Chasers Fundraiser.