International Auditors Inc. Application

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please fill out the form below in its entirety. Attach your resume/CV, audit log for each ISO standard, and your ISO accredited training certificates.
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I certify that all the information documented on this application is accurate. IAI may research any information included on this application. I will perform audits consistent with ISO 19011 guidelines and will abide by the Code of Ethics of Auditors. I will sign a confidentiality statement and auditor agreement stating that I will not conduct any audit activities if I have vested interest in a client company or have provided any consulting or training in the past two years. I will notify IAI immediately to notify them of a potential conflict of interest. I will not advise, give consulting or be prescriptive to a customer prior to, as part of, or following an audit or surveillance. While I am assigned as a representative of IAI, I agree not to solicit any training or consulting activities with the client customer. I agree to maintain all records of my auditor status, training and employment for IAI review to ensure my qualifications remain up to date. I will contact IAI if any of my certifications change or lapse.