Almost Home Canine Rescue Foster Application

Almost Home Rescue values its foster homes.  We do not have a shelter facility so we rely solely on volunteers who can foster pets in their homes.  We are constantly contacted about all shapes and sizes of dogs and cats that need a place to stay while we help them find a forever home. Even fostering 1 animal changes a life for that animal! Please complete the information below to begin this foster home application process.

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What type of dog are you interested in fostering? (Please check all that apply) *
What traits, if any, should your fosters have? *
Are you comfortable doing a "2 week shut down" for any new foster dog? This is something that the foster team will go over with you, if you are unfamiliar with. *


Personal Reference (Non-relatives only please)
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Foster Agreement

Please read each of the following statements.  Click "yes" if you agree, and "no" if you do not.
1. I agree to foster the pet(s) for the benefit of the pet(s) and not for any person gain or expectation of ownership. *
2. If I wish to adopt the pet(s) I am fostering, I understand I am required to pay the adoption fee, regardless of any expenses I voluntarily spent on the pet(s). *
3. I understand there will be no charge to AHCR from me for boarding/caring for the pet(s). *
4. I understand that AHCR warrants that it has NO knowledge of any vicious or destructive tendencies on the part of the pet(s). I acknowledge and understand that pet(s) by nature are somewhat unpredictable, and that the pet(s) may cause damage to persons or objects associated with the caregiver or caregiver’s premises. I nevertheless assume that risk. *
5. I understand it is recommended that the pet(s) be isolated from my personal pets until slow proper introductions are done, we recommend a 2 week shut down when bringing a new animal into your home. *
6. I understand AHCR is not liable for any illness or disease a person or pet may contract from the pet(s) in my care. *
7. Should any damages occur against my pet, from the pet(s), which I am providing foster care to, I understand AHCR will NOT pay for any veterinary care needed for my pet. *
8. Should any damages occur against the pet(s), which I am providing foster care to, caused by my pet, I understand I am responsible for the veterinary bills incurred. *
9. While responsible for the care of the pet(s) in a reasonable and loving manner, I am NOT liable for injury or death that may naturally occur to the foster pet(s) in my care. *
10. If the pet(s) in my care dies, I will contact AHCR immediately for appropriate documentation for the case and disposal of pet(s). *
11. AHCR will provide the pet(s) with the appropriate vaccinations and boosters if applicable. *
12. I UNDERSTAND AHCR MUST BE CONTACTED PRIOR TO ANY VETERINARY VISITS. NO VET VISITS CAN OCCUR WITHOUT NOTIFYING AHCR because it must be documented for the case. I understand that any vet appointments that are not pre-approved by the board team (except in reasonable emergencies) are my financial responsibility. *
13. I understand in rare circumstances if AHCR is not able to provide veterinary care to the pet(s) I am fostering, it may be deemed necessary to humanely euthanize the pet(s). I understand an appropriate official of AHCR. *
14. AHCR will provide all necessary materials to foster this/these pet(s) such as food, medications, collars, leashes, & crates. If I choose to feed the pet(s) another type of food, it will be at my expense. *
15. All material borrowed from AHCR must be returned upon completion of fostering. *
16. I agree to inform any individuals who are interested in one or more of the pet(s) I am caring for, to apply via the email and the applicant’s information will be reviewed thoroughly as any other application would be & the applicant will be responsible for full cost of the adoption. *
17. I agree to immediately return all pet(s) fostered to AHCR when requested. *
18. A representative of AHCR has permission to inspect my home where the pet(s) will be housed per his/her request at any time. *
19. If it is determined by either party that the terms of this agreement cannot be fulfilled, the agreement may be terminated unilaterally and without notice. The pet(s) will be immediately returned to the custody and control of AHCR. *
20. If I have neglected to initial any item in this contract, symbolizing disagreement, AHCR will NOT foster any pet(s) out to my care. *
I understand that my signature shown here indicates that I have read and filled out this application to the best of my ability. *