Thank you for interest in adopting an Almost Home rescue dog or cat! Please email us at info@almosthomecaninerescue.com with any questions.
All dogs and cats are:
* spayed or neutered prior to adoption (including puppies) 
* evaluated for temperament and trainability
* up-to-date on vaccines as is reccomended for age (DHPPC and Rabies) 
* heartworm tested (6 months of age and older)
* on flea + tick and heartworm preventatives 
* given a dental check and cleaning if necessary
* groomed if necessary
* treated for any necessary medical conditions
* microchipped 
Adult dog: $250-400
Puppy: $350-500
Adult cat: $50
Kitten: $75
*These are subject to change based on age, medical needs, and breed.*

1. Submit an Adoption Application. Please complete each question.

2. REFERENCES: Please contact your veterinarian and personal references to let them know we will be calling and to release information to us. Please ensure the name on this application is the one listed at the vet. If not, please let the name at the vet your current animals are listed under. Also, please be sure to list accurate telephone numbers of your references. This is the portion of the process that takes us the longest to do, and ensuring your references call us back helps the process move along more quickly. 

3. PRE-ADOPTION HOME VISIT: This home visit provides us an opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know more about us and the rescue dog you are interested in adopting. This also helps us see if a dog would be a good fit for the energy and layout of your home. We are not there to judge your home; we just want to ensure our dogs will be safe in your home and be a good fit in your home. WE DO NOT BRING DOGS ALONG TO HOME VISITS. You must be approved prior to meeting with a dog unless it is at one of our scheduled meet and greets. This allows us to ensure you are approved prior to meeting a dog. Once you are approved, you may meet the dog :) PLEASE NOTE: You can still apply for dogs if you live out of state. We do have voluteers all over that can help complete the home visit. We can also do home visits via FaceTime or a video if needed! 

4. Once the home visit has been completed, we get you in contact with the foster parents so you can set up a time to meet the dog. We encourage you to have your current pets meet the new dog. Please note that it often takes time for dogs to get used to a new environment and your current pets and your new animals should ALWAYS have SLOW introductions. If you have any questions about this, PLEASE reach out. We have a basic trainer as part of our team who is willing to speak with anyone about this. 

5. AHCR does NOT do a 2-week trial period unless pre-arranged with the adopter and okayed by the adoption team. Certain dogs and families with specific needs may be able to have trial periods. 

6. All of our animals are microchipped. Almost Home Canine Rescue registers these microchips so that both our information as well as the adopters' information is on the chip in case the animal is ever lost of abandoned. The adopter provides us with the names and phone numbers they would like on the chip, but does NOT register the chip. 

7. We deposit any checks roughly 2 weeks after the adoption has taken place.  It can take 3-4 weeks for the check to be deposited. If you do not want to wait 4 weeks, please make the adoption donation with cash. Cash needs to be the EXACT amount as our fosters do not carry change for your conveience. Thank you for understanding!

8. We are always here to help. We want this adoption to be successful, and we always are here to give advice. Please note that we reserve the right to check in on the animal, especially if we are concerned that they are not being taken care of properly. 

9. Sometimes we have multiple applications for 1 dog. Please understand that we do our best to choose the home we feel is the best fit for the dog. This does not mean that you aren't a good adoptive family; we just may not think the dog would do well in your home. We may not decide until after we have done home visits for multiple families and we appreciate your cooperation and patience. Thank you for understanding. 

10. We often do home checks for multiple applicants before deciding which home may be the best fit for a dog. We know this can be a lengthy process, and appreciate your patience and understanding. Please remember that we are all volunteers at AHCR and have other responsibilties outside of rescue. If you ever have any questions about your application, please email us! 

• We will consider long distance adoptions, as long as a home visit can be completed and the adopter is willing to travel to South Dakota to pick up their new dog.
• We do expect adopters to drive to the foster family's home to pick up their new dog. If a volunteer happens to be traveling your direction, we will assist in the transport, but this is not always possible and should not be counted on.
• Our adoption fees are set so that we can afford to provide each of the animals in our case with the appropriate vetting they need to be healthy and happy. 
• We do not always require a fence, depending on the dog. If we require a fence, this will be noted on the dogs' description.
• We expect that our dogs will be part of a family, not housed outside in a kennel. Applicants should understand that we expect these dogs to be kept inside unless otherwsie stated. 
• The foster dogs are not available to be seen until AFTER an adoption is approved.



Please understand that we are trying to find a responsible, loving and stable home for our very special rescue dogs that have lost their homes for reasons outside their control. For this reason the application process must be very thorough. We strive to place our rescued dogs in homes that will provide a Forever home. We do not want to put any dog through the adoption process more than once as it is stressful to them. We do allow our foster homes to play a big role in the selection of their foster dog's new home. They know their dog better than anyone and they love their dogs like family. For this reason, we feel it is important that they help choose the home for their foster dog. 

Please Note: During the adoption process we review applications, conduct telephone interviews, call references, and conduct home visits. Our ultimate goal is to place each pet in our care into a home best matching the lifestyle and environment that individual pet requires.  We want to make sure that the match is there and once the dog gets adopted this will be without a doubt his forever family. Almost Home does not have a facility and relies solely on the kindness of volunteers to foster our dogs. Each of these volunteers leads a busy life with their own family and their own pets to care for in addition to the volunteer work they do for us. Consequently, we do not make arrangements for the public to meet the pets in foster care until the adoption process has been completed. The care of our animals (especially those who need emergent care) always comes before the applications. Please feel free to reach out with questions, but understand there is a lot that goes on in rescue that is not outwardly visible to the public. We try our best to be thorough and timely, but sometimes we have to put our own lives and the needs of the dogs first. Please do not hesitate to reach out about the status of your application via email or Facebook. 



**ATTENTION!!** DUE TO COVID19 WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING GENERAL APPLICATIONS.  ONLY APPLICATIONS FOR SPECIFIC ANIMALS WILL BE PROCESSED AT THIS TIME. You must be able to take immediate possession of a dog (upon approval) in order for your application to be processed. Applications that can not meet these requirements will not be considered until we resume normal operations. Thank you for your understanding

Can you say yes to each of the following questions?

1. Are all household members in agreement about adopting a dog and willing to be present for a home visit? *
2. Are your current pets neutered/spayed and up-to-date on rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations? **ALL PETS MUST BE UP TO DATE ON THESE IN ORDER TO ADOPT FROM AHCR** *
3. Are you willing to DRIVE to the foster's home near SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA to pick up your dog if you are approved? All foster homes are located within 90 minutes of Sioux Falls. (We do NOT ship dogs or allow dogs to be flown to their new location.) *

General Questions

Obedience and Training


Vet Reference
Please list the vet that has your current or previous animal's records. We will be contacting your vet to verify records. Please also ensure you list the names of your animals in the form so that we can ensure each of them has been seen by your vet. Some vets require you to release your information to us; please contact your vet and check to ensure this is done so we can move things along more quickly! If you have never previously owned a pet, you can put NA in this section. Thank you :)
I have checked with my veterinarian office to ensure that AHCR can check the status of my animals and have given them the OK to do so. If I haven't, I will do so ASAP. *
We need to contact 2 references. Please provide 3 in case one does not answer.
Personal Reference1--MUST BE NON-FAMILY 
Personal Reference 2 --MUST BE NON-FAMILY
Personal Reference 3--MUST BE NON-FAMILY
Do you understand that it may take 3-10 days for us to get back to you regarding your application? Do you understand that we cannot move forward with processing your application if your references do not get back to us? Please tell your references to return our calls ASAP! Please REACH OUT to us if you submit and application and have not heard back within 10 days! Please ensure that you get a confirmation that the form is submitted!!!!! All fields should be filled out. *
If you are interested in meeting or adopting one of our animals outside of a public event, you must first have an approved application. We DO NOT GUARANTEE that the dog you are interested in will still be available after your application has been processed. *

Thank you for applying to adopt a homeless pet!