2022 Academic Session 05
Student Application
Oct 28 - Nov 11 (Phoenix Time)
Oct 29 - Nov 12 (Beijing Time)


Dear applicant,

Before you apply to attend SCIM, make sure you read our FAQ page, we want you to have the best experience from the beginning, and this page covers everything you need to know about SCIM and our Academic Sessions.

>> https://sedonacollegeinternational.com/faq <<

Thank you very much for your interest in the SCIM July 13 - July 28 (Phoenix Time) July 14 - July 29 (Beijing Time), Academic Session 04.
The standard daily schedule is from 3:30pm to 10pm (Phoenix Time) 6:30am to 1pm (Beijing Time) throughout the term, with 2 OFF days on Day 8 & 9 (Phoenix time 20 & 21 July, Beijing time 21 & 22 July). There are some days with additional classes that might end around 11.30pm (Phoenix Time) 2.30pm Beijing time.

We look forward to your application and getting to know you!

Please answer all the questions as completely as possible.  Failure to provide complete information may result in problems or delays with your application.  The information on this form will be kept strictly confidential, except for approved internal use by SCIM/DCI Global staff, administrators, and health professionals.

Please complete this application in English only.

We will be offering limited Mandarin / Vietnamese / Russian tracks for people who don't speak English at all.

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