Account-To-Account [A2A] Transfer Agreement & Authorization

Account-to-Account [A2A] Transfers allow you to transfer money within online or mobile banking to/from an account at another financial institution of which you are a legal owner. Complete the form below to link your accounts.
- Must be a member of County-City Credit Union, of at least 18 years of age, with all accounts in good standing, at least 3 months of satisfactory account history immediately preceding application, and no prior derogatory record or cause of loss to credit union. Credit Union reserve right to reject any request, without limitation.
- Must have current and valid contact information on record, including address, phone number and email address.
- Must be enrolled in online and/or mobile banking and have accepted the user agreement.
- Must be a legal owner on both the County-City Credit Union Account and the other Financial Institution Account.   Financial Institution must be located in the United States.
- Business Accounts are not eligible.
The maximum amount a member may transfer between accounts is $2,000 daily; up to a limit of $6,000 in any 30-day rolling period. Credit union reserves right to set your limit lower at their discretion.

Timing of Transfers and Account Debits/Credits:
For outgoing transfers, your account will be debited immediately. For incoming transfers, your account will be credited when funds are actually received, typically within 3 Business Days (excludes weekends and Federal holidays). Credit Union cannot cancel or reverse transfers once initiated by member.

Other Financial Institution Account (Third Party Account) Information:

Account Type *

Do you want us to set up a recurring transfer for you right away? *
Frequency: *
I hereby accept the terms and conditions and authorize County-City Credit Union (“Credit Union”) to establish an A2A transfer relationship between the accounts listed above. I hereby certify that I am an authorized account holder on accounts listed above. I understand that the terms of the County-City Credit Union Membership and Account Agreement, Funds Availability Policy, and Electronic Funds Transfer Act Notice apply, including the terms of the Wire Transfers, Automated Clearing House (ACH), and Other Payment Order Transactions. I acknowledge that I may not originate transactions to or from my account(s) that violate US law. This authorization is to remain in effect until the Credit Union receives written revocation from me and has reasonable time to act on it. I authorize Credit Union to verify my Third Party Account. I understand Credit Union reserves the right to reject any funds transfer request, reduce my A2A limits, and/or revoke my eligibility at any time. Transactions returned unpaid for any reason will be subject to Credit Union’s returned item fee. *
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