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We are glad you are coming to the CEF National Conference, May 8 - 12, 2023!
Conference registration is done in two steps:
   1. Register for the conference with CEF Inc.
   2. Reserve your room and meals with Ridgecrest. 
Upon submission of the CEF conference registration form, you will be provided a link to Ridgecrest's site to reserve your room and meal package.   
CEF Conference sign-up Cost
     Adults $200 per person (Price increase after 3/31/2023 to $220 per person.)
     Families bringing children or teens $30 per child/teen
Register before 12/31/2022 for a 10% early registration discount.
Payment is required at time of registration.
For the cost of Ridgecrest room and meal reservations, visit Ridgecrest’s reservation page to see room options and costs. -
Conference begins with dinner on Monday, May 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM 
Check-in begins on Monday, May 8, 2023 at 4:00 PM
Conference ends with breakfast on Friday, May 12, 2023

Contact Information

Role in CEF *

Connecting Information

The following is needed to connect CEF registrations with Ridgecrest registrations and for family registrations. 

(For those rooming with someone, each person must register individually with CEF Inc. and pay his or her conference registration fee. Only one person should reserve the room with Ridgecrest – like a hotel room.)

Is your family is attending? *
Children Age / Name (click + to add each child)
First and last names of roommates (click + to add additional names) *
Name of the roommate that will be making reservations with Ridgecrest (used for matching CEF registrations to Ridgecrest registrations).

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is offered on May 8, 2023 and May 12, 2023.
Shuttle points are the Asheville Regional Airport and Ridgecrest Conference Center.
If you need shuttle service and do not yet have your flight information, please choose, "Yes, but I do not yet have flight details." 
Shuttle Service Needed *
We will email you 30 days prior to conference, requesting flight details.  For guaranteed shuttle service, flight information must be received in our office two weeks prior to the conference. 

Conference Program Fees and Payment Information

Individual Registration Fee *
Spouse Registration Fee *
Enter the number of children & teens attending *
Click Calculate for Total

Child Evangelism Fellowship® may, from time to time, document the activities of the ministry with photographs, videos, and/or audio recordings during National Conference. By submitting this form, you hereby assign and grant to Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc., its subsidiaries and successors, the unqualified right to the ownership, use, and proceeds of all photographs, videos, and/or audio recordings of me or my spouse or my minor children without reservation or limitation, in any medium now known or developed in the future.

(NOTE: If you are registering another person, please communicate this agreement to them.)