Do you plan to file a joint or separate return? *
Was your annual house-hold income less than $54,000? *
Are you a U.S Citizen or a U.S resident alien with a valid social security number? *
What sources of income did you receive in 2018? *
Have your participated in our VITA service before? *
Did you file bankruptcy in 2018? *
Are you planning to file a 2018 Federal return? *
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Please note the following:
Our VITA services, resources and appoinments may be limited due to the government shutdown at this time. 
 Our VITA site will be assisting with tax preparations for Tax Year 2018 only.
Your income documents may be requested and reviewed by a VITA tax preparer to determine eligibility. An appointment will not be scheduled until it is determined that you are eligible for the VITA program set forth by the IRS ( Internal Revenue Service).