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Rescue Network Affiliate Information
Thank you for your interest in joining the cocker spaniel rescue network. As a member of the network, you are invited to subscribe to the ASCF Facebook page, ASC Foundation Rescue Partners ( This forum provides cocker spaniel rescue groups and individuals the opportunity to network with other rescuers.

Please answer the following questions. Your answers will automatically be emailed to Gail Workman, ASCF Rescue Chair, at, and a copy will be sent to the email you list in the form.

If you are not an “active” rescue, please complete as much of the information as applicable, and indicate what services you would like to contribute to the rescue network.
Note: Questions with a red * are required.

Personal Info

Your address is for our records only, and not for public distribution unless you grant permission for public disclosure. (Please indicate if such permission is granted): *

Facility Info

Do you Rent or Own your Home/Facility? *
Do you have a securely Fenced Yard? *
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Household Info

Do all the Adults in the household work? *
Are the dogs left alone on a daily basis? *

Rescue Info

Are you affiliated with a Rescue group/organization? *
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Do your transport or arrange transport for dogs into or out of your area? *
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Do you Foster dogs yourself? *
Do you board Foster dogs offsite? *
Do you rehome via referral? *
When placing via referral, do you evaluate the dog before accepting it? *
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Do you pull dogs from Shelters? *
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Are you familiar with your State, County, and/or City Laws/Ordinances pertaining to Rescue? *
Do you accept breeds other than Spaniels and/or Mixed Breed dogs? *
Please check all of the following restrictions you have on accepting dogs into your Rescue:
Will you accept a dog that is/has: *
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Will you euthanize a dog exhibiting any of the above health/behavior traits? *
What do you require from home applicants? *
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Signature and Submission

Please sign below and hit Submit to submit your Application. Thank you for applying to be a Rescue Affiliate of the American Spaniel Club Foundation! You will receive a copy of this form via email at the email you specified above. The email will be from *
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