Ruth Burrows'
Volunteer of the Year Award

Award Application
Please complete the application and submit any documentation prior to April 15th.

Eligibility Criteria
-Nominees must be a resident of Hastings or Prince Edward County
-Nominees have been volunteering their time, talent and devotion to benefit the community. Please include as much detail of their volunteer history as possible.

Nomination Procedure
Nominations may be submitted by either:
1. A community organization, please include support letters with the nomination
2. By a sponsor, who will be our contact person throughout the process, please include support letters with the nomination. A second sponsor is optional.
Please note: nominations are made annually and Past nominees may be re-nominated

-Nominations are made annually and past nominees may be re-nominated
-The nominees will be judged based on their overall volunteer history and supporting letter(s) and/or documentation. Please provide as much detail as possible.
-Multiple letters of support may be provided

Sponsoring Organization Information:
Please complete the nomination on behalf of the agency and include the appropriate contact person. Letter(s) of supported can be uploaded below.
(For personal nomination of a volunteer please skip ahead to the Individual Sponsor Section)


Individual/Personal Sponsors:
Please complete the nomination section below.
Letters of support can be uploaded below.

Please complete the nomination below. Include as much detail as possible to strengthen the nomination.

0/2500 words
Letters of Support:
Letters of Support should speak to the individual contribution to agencies and community. There are no limits on the number of support letters you provide.
  1. A description of the nominee’s volunteer activities (past and present) include all significant instances. 
  1. A full description of the contribution that has been made to the community by your nominee and how they have implemented volunteerism as a value. 
  1. Why do you feel your nominee deserves the selected Award? Tell us what is unique about the individual you are nominating.


Please upload your letters of support here or follow the instructions below to email, mail or fax them in. 

Letters of Support can also be Mailed, Emailed or Faxed:
Please submit the letters of support before the deadline of April 15th for review.
Mail: Volunteer & Information HPE, 121-199 Front St., Belleville, K8N 5H5
Ph# 613-969-8862 Fax: 613-969-2826

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