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Tiered Cakes – Wedding Cakes with two or more tiers, Any sugar medium or technique may be used .

Sculptured/Specialty Cakes – A three-dimensional sculptured or shaped cake. Can be done using any theme or category and any sugar medium or technique may be used.
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PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY  PRIZES -                                                     

1st Place $400.00/2nd place $200.00 /

3rd place $100.00

 For each category listed above.

Plus $500 Best in Show Prize!


1ST Place $250.00 /2nd Place  $125.00/                                                  

 3rd Place $75.00

 For each category listed above.

Applicant must register with ABE  no later than Friday, April 7th , 2020. Anyone who does not register will not be judged or eligible for cash prizes. Entries must be exclusive work of entrant. Cake entries should be Styrofoam but such that the design can be duplicated in cake.  No business identifying marks, advertisements, or photos will be allowed until the completion of the judging. After judging business cards may be placed on the cakes. Bring completed cakes to Drop off Area (the back of the convention center & Rear Loading Dock area) Saturday, April 18, Noon-6pm & Sunday April 19 BY 10 AM BEFORE SHOW OPENS! Any cakes delivered after the opening of the Show on Sunday will not be judged but placed for display purposes only. Please note you cannot decorate your cake on site, brief assembly OK. All cakes must be brought through the rear loading dock; no entries may be brought through convention center lobby. Each cake will be judged independently by a team of expert judges. Judging will be Sunday, April 19th, 2-5pm. Award announcement will be done at the display area on Monday, April 20 at NOON. Scores cannot be reviewed by applicants after the winners are announced. Cakes are judged by appearance; points will be given for neatness, originality, creativity, colors and degree of difficulty. All items will be judged according to criteria on a point system. Each of the categories will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cash prize. In addition to the prize money, the winners will also receive a trophy. CAKES MUST REMAIN ON DISPLAY UNTIL THE END OF THE SHOW ON MONDAY, APRIL 20th until 4:00 PM. One best of show winner will be chosen by the judges and will receive a trophy and cash prize of $500.00.
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Send Questions to:  Lisa Mansour


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