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2nd February (Tues) between 2.30pm - 6.30pm
4th February (Thurs) between 2.30pm - 6.30pm

We will close this order form 1 week before delivery date or when order limit is reached, whichever is earlier.
An assorted box is a mixture of 6 or 8 different flavours which are available over the counter, at any one time. Although we have 21 different flavours of muffins, we only bake about 12-14 different flavours daily depending on the demand. Hence, we are unable to promise which flavours will be available beforehand if you place an order for an assorted box. So, you'll be surprised everytime.

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Kindly note we are unable to sort muffins to your packing preference in different boxes due to lack of manpower. You may sort out your muffins in different boxes when you receive them. Alternatively, if you have a specific packing preference for your muffins, please submit them in different forms as different orders. But, please note that transport fee will apply to each order.
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