This crowdfunding project is a collaboration between Halalfoodhunt and AJ Delights!

It really started with a few of AJ Delights' regular customers wanting to donate their purchased muffins to our healthcare frontliners. They wanted to bring cheer and motivation to our frontliners the same way that these muffins have cheered them up on a regular day. Not knowing who exactly to send it to, they approached us for help to send the muffins to the hospitals.
Our team then wrote to nearby hospitals to ask if they would like to receive AJ Delights' muffins as a form of encouragement and moral support to our healthcare professionals who are battling Covid-19 on a daily basis.
They said yes!

We are liaising with HR departments of selected hospitals in Singapore.
Collectively, we aim to send 5000 care packages* to our healthcare frontliners and send them positive vibes during this difficult time.
Come join us in this effort to lift the spirits of our frontliners.
Let's remind them that we are with them.

*depending on the success of this crowdfunding campaign, we will extend the number of care packages sent to healthcare frontliners should there be sponsorships of more than 5000 care packages.

Each Care Package is for 1 Healthcare Personnel

One Care Package costs $5.50 each.
It is a box that contains 2 randomly chosen muffin flavours from our menu
And an important message from us:


*Check back here for updates on the number of Care Packages sponsored by the community.
Updated on 22 May 2020, 9am
Target: 5,000

Current: 698
4,302 Care Packages to go!
Campaign Closes 31 May 2020

Bless a Care Package for our Healthcare Frontliners!

We'll start the ball rolling!

The first 100 care packages will be sponsored by Halalfoodhunt and AJ Delights!
We hope you'll contribute to this cheerful cause too!
Bless a Care Package for our Frontliners below!
*this form will be gathering sponsorships of Care Packages until 31st May 2020.
Our healthcare frontliners will be receiving their sponsored muffins in batches every week in June 2020.
How many Care Packages would you like to gift to our healthcare frontliners?
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This crowdfunding campaign is organised by AJ Delights and Halalfoodhunt.
Should you have any enquires, please send it to