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Welcome to the PASA Certified Free Flight School online application. We have designed this form to make the application process as smooth as possible. PASA may be required to share the information collected here with its insurer, both for purposes of obtaining, as the Named Insured, a Master Flight School policy of insurance, and for the purpose of applying to its insurer to add your flight school as an additional insured on PASA's Master Flight School policy. By proceeding with this application for PASA Certification, you give PASA permission to share all of your application information, including your personal information, with its insurer.
An extensive amount of supplemental documentation will be required to complete the application. Please review the Application Checklist before you start and prepare the required documentation for easy uploading when requested. Also, please review the PASA Safety Guidelines and PASA School Standards; your school will be required to adhere to these in order to maintain PASA certification.
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