Please submit one form for each instructor you would like to add to your instructor list. 
To successfully fill out this form, you'll need the following items:
     •Updated Instructor List   
     •New Instructor's USHPA credentials
     •New Instructor's First Aid and CPR credentials
PLEASE NOTE:  You will need a new version of the instructor list.  It has been updated.   You MUST submit your instructors on the NEW form.   Please click the link below to download the new form. 

By hitting submit, you indicate you understand the following:
PASA will receive your new instructor submission and will attempt to respond to you within 24 hours.  A school is not to use any submitted new instructor until PASA approves the school's updated Instructor List. 
READ THIS: All Instructors on your instructor list MUST work FOR YOU.   No school can share their PASA certification status with other instructors.  You are certified as a school.  Anyone you add to your Instructor List MUST work for you.   Literally - they must work for you.  That means all instruction/tandems are booked through the PASA certified school, all monies are collected by the PASA certified school and the instructor is paid by the PASA certifiied school - thus creating a situation where they will receive either a 1099 or W-2 for the tax year.   If you have ANY questions about how this arrangment MUST be done - contact PASA immedietly.   Infractions of this policy will most certainly result in revocation of your PASA certification.  
By continuing further, you agree that you understand this.