YLC Wednesday at the Square: Food Vendor Application

Dates: March 14th, 21st, 28th
April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
May 2nd, 9th, 16th 23rd, 30th
Rain Dates: June 6th, 13th
Time: 4:30pm - 8:00pm

General Information

Event Description

YLC Wednesday at the Square concert series is requesting applications for Food Vendors. The twelve week concert series will be held in downtown New Orleans at Lafayette Square across from Gallier Hall. The concert series runs from March 14, 2018 to May 30, 2018 from 4:30pm to 8:00pm with rain dates scheduled for June 6th and 13th. 

YLC Wednesday at the Square operates food booths on a revenue share system, which is detailed and agreed to later in this application. Food Vendors receive space with electricity (upon request), a 10’x10’ pop up tent, a sign, and two tables. Food Vendors may decorate their booth and distribute information about their restaurant. Each Food Vendor must bring and/or prepare their food to sell and properly staff the booth to meet demand. 

YLC Wednesday at the Square attracts an audience of downtown administrative to management level professionals, middle to upper income, aged 25-55 years. It also draws weekly diehards from adjacent areas such as the Northshore, Mississippi, and the River Parishes. 

Application Requirements

If you would like to participate, fill out the following questions and attach all requested documents by January 26th, 2018. 

There are a limited number of Food Vendor booths available. When they are fully booked, we will not make additional space. Food vendors must choose whether they wish to commit for either 6 or 12 concerts in the season. 

Applications received after January 26, 2018 will not be considered. YLC will notify selected vendors after the selection process is complete. 

If there are any questions, please email ylcfood@gmail.com

Date Selection

If you choose the 6-concert option, please indicate the dates for which you like to participate. YLC will make every effort to accommodate Vendor preferences, but cannot guarantee the desired dates will be available. Preference will be given to Vendors who commit to the entire season and have a proven history of success with our audience.

Please select the dates you prefer: *

Company Information

Marketing and Publicity Information

Throughout the 12-week concert series, the Young Leadership Council will promote the Food Vendors via our  wesbite, social media platforms, and weekly newsletters. We are requesting the following information to cordinate and streamline promotion efforts. 


Please submit a proposed menu of food items you intend to sell including price points. All food items must be priced at $10.00 and under.

Historically, Food Vendors that serve a variety of items with price points of $5.00 – $7.00 have been the most successful. We strive to provide a variety of food to our patrons and ensure that Food Vendors are not preparing the same item for sale.

Additional Requests

We will need ice. *
We will need power outlets *

Booth Banner

Signage can be one line or two. Please indicate in the space below what you would like the YLC to print on your banner. The YLC will provide only one banner for the duration of the concert. If any changes need to be made, the vendor will be responsible for paying for a new banner ($125.00). 

Items Provided By YLC

The Young Leadership Council will provide: 

  1. A reserved station with a tent, two tables, a sign, and electricity upon request (you must provide your own grounded extension cords, three-pronged); 
  1. Security at Lafayette Square 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM. Please note this security is limited to the immediate area of Lafayette Square; 
  1. General promotion of the event via the website, weekly e-mail blast; 
  1. Bucket for collection of redeemed tickets;
  1. Ice (if needed). Food Vendors are responsible for carrying their ice from the ice truck to their booth. (Notification requested earlier in this form) 
  1. Power (if needed). Food Vendors may be provided with grounded three prong outlets upon request. Amperage is limited. (Notification requested earlier in this form)

Please note: YLC Wednesday at the Square does not have access to a public water source on the square. Food Vendors must bring any water needed to the square.

Food Vendor Agreement

The Food Vendor agrees to: 

  1. Provide your own food, food preparations, serving materials (plates, utensils, napkins, etc), and staff; Please Note: Straws, hard plastic/acrylic plates and cups, glass of any kind, swizzle sticks, and toothpicks are not allowed in Lafayette Square Park. 
  1. Bring signage to display food items for sale at your booth (maximum size - area of 6 sq. ft, white background with black font)
  1. Accept that the YLC is not responsible for damages or theft of assets at the concert site; 
  1. Inform the City of any income made at the concerts on your monthly tax statement; 
  1. Share in revenue with the YLC (as detailed in this application); 
  1. Submit a menu of food items for approval by the YLC with this application and submit any subsequent changes to the approved menu to the YLC by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday before the applicable concert; 
  1. Attach and execute the Hold-Harmless Agreement per the link below and acknowledge the Parking/Vehicle Agreement included in this application; 
  1. Staff the booth 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM and be prepared to sell product by 5:00 PM sharp. Load-in shall take place along Camp Street and N. Maestri Street from 3:00-4:40. All equipment, supplies, and personnel shall be removed by 8:30.  
  1. Bring sufficient food or product each week to serve until 7:45 PM;  
  1. Exchange food or product ONLY for current tickets sold by the YLC. Vendor also is responsible for keeping tickets dry and intact prior to turning over to the YLC; 
  1. Comply with all 650 Poydras building regulations and YLC requests in regards to set-up and breakdown of food vendor booths; 
  1. Keep the sidewalk behind the Food Booths clear of all equipment, including chairs and personnel; 
  1. Provide proper storage and serving equipment to keep hot foods at the safe temperature of 140 degrees or higher and cold foods at the safe temperature of 45 degrees or lower 
  1. Take all measures commonly expected in the food industry and by the State of Louisiana to keep food safe for consumption; 
  1. Provide YLC with a “Certificate of Insurance” indicating the following coverage levels: 
    1. General Liability / Liquor Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate 
    2. Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 per Occurrence
    3. Workers Compensation: Louisiana Statutory benefits. Employers Liability $500,000 each accident / $500,000 disease policy limit / $500,000 disease each employee; 
    4. Provide proof of proper permits for food preparation. (i.e., fire marshal permit) 
  1. Complete, sign and return a W-9 Tax Form with this application; 
  1. Provide a fire extinguisher for your booth on the square
  1. Provide your own transportation and parking to and from the concert for all staff and equipment (SEE PARKING/VEHICLE AGREEMENT); 
  1. Give the YLC written notice via e-mail of any cancellation of participation five (5) business days in advance of the start time of each concert. Failure to properly cancel will result in a $500 rental fee to be paid by Food Vendor. More than one (1) cancelation over the course of the season will result in the Food Vendor being removed for the remainder of the season. 
  1. If the YLC cancels the event for any reason, including weather, the Food Vendor may request reserved space at a make-up date, depending on availability. The YLC cannot guarantee that a cancelled concert will be rescheduled. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Food Vendors agree to forfeit to YLC all previously-paid fees if a concert cannot be rescheduled. Make up dates are June 6th, 2018 and June 13th, 2018. 
  1. Please note, the use of deep frying and/or boiling equipment are strictly prohibited, any vendors found using said items could be held financially responsible and subject to removal from WATS

Revenue Sharing Details

The Revenue Sharing Program is outlined below: 
  1. There is no upfront fee for Food Vendors to participate in the Wednesdays at the Square concert series. 
  1. The Food Vendor is responsible for setting the price on their saleable item(s). 
  1. The revenue generated from food sales each week will be shared between the YLC and Food Vendor with this split: Food Vendor 62%, YLC 38%. The YLC’s share helps offset considerable production and other costs that make the event possible. (Entertainers, promoters, stage and light set ups, audio, labor, permits, advertising, signage, booths, tables, electricity, security, and ice) 
  1. Food Vendor will receive a YLC-approved 2018 ticket bucket from YLC personnel each night. At the end of each night, Food Vendors will turn in buckets at the YLC Ticket Booth on N. Maestri Street. 
  1. YLC collects all redeemed tickets and then reimburses the Food Vendor on a monthly basis. A week by week sales report will be avaiable to Food Vendor monthly. Please note, the YLC cannot guarantee accurate counting for tickets that are wet or otherwise damaged. Only current 2018 Series tickets will be honored. 

2018 Parking / Vehicle Agreement

Due to limited parking around the Lafayette Square, participating Food Vendors agree to park legally and in no bagged (closed) metered space. Discount parking is available at 650 Poydras Street. Clearly marked loading zones will be available for set up unloading during approved times provided by the YLC prior to the beginning of the concert series. All set up unloading must be completed during the approved times and vehicles must be thereafter moved from the area. 

ANY FOOD VENDOR’S CAR FOUND PARKED ILLEGALLY AROUND THE SQUARE IS SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE TOWING. THE FOOD VENDOR IS THEN SUBJECT TO REMOVAL FROM THE SERIES FOR THE DURATION OF THE 2018 SERIES AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE YLC. Please also note, absolutely no motorized vehicles are allowed on Lafayette Square Park grounds. Any Vendor found driving on the square is subject to being removed for the duration of the 2018 series at the sole discretion of the YLC. 

Required Documents

YLC Wednesday at the Square requires proof of insurance, a completed W-9, and a Signed Hold-Harmless Agreement for the application to be considered. Please upload a copy of your Proof of Insurance in accordance with Item 15 of the Vendor Agreement. Upload a completed W-9. Please print and sign the Hold Harmless Agreement (link below), and submit it with the other documents.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that, if your businesses is selected to participate in the 2018 YLC Wednesday at the Square season, you will need to obtain a Special Event Permit prior to the season start. If you do not possess this license, it can be obtained through the City of New Orleans One Stop Application process: https://www.nola.gov/onestop. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to be in compliance with all state and city laws and regulations.

Confirmation of Food Vendor Agreement and Application

I understand and agree to all details above in the 2018 Food Vendor Agreement and Application for the YLC Wednesday at the Square Concert Series. 

Representative's Signature *

Please note that the YLC reserves the right to remove any food vendor from participation in the 2018 concert series for any breach of the above provisions and/or at its sole discretion.