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Ready to get additional talent on your team ... just when you need it?  Trying to grow?  Filling gaps?  Complete the below form to begin sourcing your expert(s) on-demand through one of our world class GENIUSLINK Resource Partners, Upwork.  After we receive your request, an Upwork Talent Representative will quickly reach out to you for additional information or to provide a shortlist of talent for your consideration.  Please be as detailed as possible with your project needs, as this will help us match you with the optimal talent!  

For additional information regarding our GENIUSLINK Expert Resource Networks, please reach out to ge.geniuslink@ge.com.



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Note: Contingent Worker onboarding & asset procurement may have a 1-2 week lead time. GE e-mail cannot be accessed without a GE laptop or GE approved mobile device through the Bring Your Own Device program. At this time, contingent workers are not approved for the requisition of a GE sponsored mobile device. It is the Hiring Manager’s responsibility to kick-off the Contingent Worker process through FieldGlass and request the appropriate GE through MyTech.


Billing Details

GE GENIUSLINK, which is part of GE Global Operations’ Commercial Shared Services, is on a mission to provide you with the access to world class tools, technologies and talent networks that allow our customers to increase the speed of innovation, convert data into productivity, and increase capacity for incumbent teams to focus on key priorities.  To do so, we’ve developed what is arguably the world’s largest and most efficient expert and freelance talent marketplace. 

In order to continue providing these resources and unparalleled access to talent networks, GENIUSLINK charges administrative fees to cover the cost of consumption.

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**Please note that the freelancer rates listed in the Upwork platform do not reflect all fees**
For additional questions on this, please reach out to kimberlykeesler@upwork.com
GE GENIUSLINK is here to make hiring that freelancer as effortless as possible.  We want your focus to be on getting work done—not getting set up to do the work.  That’s why, as of the GENIUSLINK experience, our team will manage the MSA, PO’s and invoices for you! From your end, you can expect a cross-charge for your engagement to come through (via GE’s Internal Billing System) at the end of the quarter.  Note, while we will cross-charge quarterly, your engagement cost(s) may span across multiple quarters depending on the length and engagement type (fixed or hourly) of your project.  Have additional questions?  Contact GENIUSLINK anytime at ge.geniuslink@ge.com.